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Why do I sometimes get annoyed by extroverts yet somedays I can totally see where they are coming from?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) April 5th, 2014

Please allow me to simplify. There is someone on FaceBook who for the most part is an extrovert. I get it he has to push his music and is kind of a louder personality. Most days I can totally take it in, and I understand the context of it all. But every once in a blue a moon I’m just over whatever it is he is speaking about, music wise, life wise etc.

But then the next day I’ll totally be like, “Oh I understand why he’s the way he is, and I can appreciate that.”

Maybe what I’m really asking is, how do I get rid of the negativity when I perceive him as annoying.

Is it a reflection upon myself that maybe it’s because I’m not involved in what he’s doing, or along the same theme?

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If he annoys you, unfriend him. You can psychoanalyze yourself at leisure later on.

Are you envious or jealous? Or it could be he is simply annoying.

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Pushing his music on facebook may be a sign of introversion, in fact.

Either way, nobody is imposing anything on you. You don’t need to unfriend him. Just block him in your feed. If you feel like seeing what he has to offer, look him up.

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Probably the same reason, as an extrovert, that I get annoyed with introverts. Jeez…why so fucking serious all the time? haha
Must I light a firecracker under your ass to get some sort of sign of life? lol
It’s all about energy…extroverts are energized by stimulating interactions, verbosity, wit, humor, wisecracks.

Introverts are exhausted by higher energy frequencies.
Double edged sword, I wear you out, you dump a bucket of water on my fire. lol

The key is, extroverts need to know when to take it down a notch and you introverts need to know when to ramp it up a bit, beyond flatline status. :-)

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Ignore the person. In everyday life we always come across someone who thinks differently than we do. Sometimes we might agree with their opinions and sometimes we cannot. It’s simply a matter of adapting to a society that contains other people. Many at times we will need to deal with being around people even if we don’t particularly want to.We can either ignore them or just accept them the way they are.

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I am an introvert and have a good friend on FB (and RL) that is an extrovert. Sometimes I can’t take her FBing. That doesn’t mean I am annoyed with HER though, just her behavior that day. And it’s probably just me being lower on energy/in a lower mood.
When that happens I just don’t pay attention much to her posts, I just scan for anything that might be important.

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Well…the bottom line is acceptance and compatibility.
I’m a fan of personality theory and it is extremely enlightening to understand how others see/perceive/assimilate the world.
I have a friend that is very solid, loyal, reliable, but she s a sensor judger type, all about mundane details and zero intellectual/abstract/creative/imaginative thought.
All she talks about, in painfully dull detail is what she is doing every day, what she needs to do, what she made for dinner, it is SO life suckingly boring….but I appreciate her as a ‘get ‘er done” type.

Me? I need intellectual stimulation and could care less about wtf you made for dinner on Tuesday night or that you MUST mow your lawn. haha

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You’re taking Facebook way too seriously.

‘Once in a blue moon you’re annoyed one day, accept the next.’

Honestly, @pleiades, do you see the absurdity here?

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It’s not extroverts vs introverts.
Facebook is annoying.

Getting tidbits about what your friends are up to (without the added effort of actually socializing) might be nice for introverts. Then you need a break from the relentless barrage of useless shit stuff that is Facebook.

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