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How can I make my legs look nice?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) April 5th, 2014

I am a guy and I wear shorts a lot, I just want to make my legs look neat and attractive( Okay maybe this is silly!)

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Well, it seem to be acceptable for men to shave their legs now. I know a lot of younger women then myself, who enjoy shaved man-legs, or for that matter, anything shaved.

I don’t do it, because no one around me cares. I know some guys wax too. If I ever need to tend to my legs for public, I honestly ether rub them down with a light layer of baby powered, or if I am near water, a thin layer of petroleum jelly, and I mean A VERY THIN LAYER. Anything more and it looks like you put styling gel on your legs.

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Please PLEASE do not shave your legs.

What’s wrong with them now? Too skinny? Bulk up an work out. Too white? Spray or real tan.

How short are these shorts?

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Get a pair of tailored wool blend slacks and a jacket to match…your legs will be dapper.

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What’s with the preoccupation with short shorts and your legs?

Girls are already telling you “nice legs.” That’s all the affirmation you need. Guys’ legs look best in shorts that are not minis. And personally, if I saw a man with legs that were powdered, shaved or glopped with vasoline, I’d think he was paying far too much attention to the wrong things.

(It is silly.)

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Keep your hair nice, maintain a good level of personal hygiene, wear a nice shirt and smile. Attractiveness is an all-over thing, and it’s as much about your actions and words as it is about your appearance.

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Climb hills. Not paved hills. Real dirt-mountain like hills that go at 45 degrees up. Do that every day and you will be amazed.

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