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What is best and most user friendly audio and/or video to mp3 converter?

Asked by wpayba (5points) July 2nd, 2008
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You on a mac?

Audio – Max
Video – MPEG Streamclip

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Mac or PC
i use iSquint for video on a mac

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On a PC, I like the program Switch for converting my audio files. I think they have a free version (or they used to) that is perfectly functional for converting audio files.

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iSquint can only convert to MP4, nothing else.

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Sorry. I should have mentioned that i’m looking for audio/video ripping/recording info for mp3.

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Not concentrating. I’m looking for audio/video ripping/recording info for pc.

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Video-to-.mp3 would mean that you’re only extracting/converting the audio portion of the video; .mp3 is an audio-only format.

That said, my experience has been good with using Apple QuickTime Pro; the encoders and choices of codecs range from .mp3, MPEG-4, AAC, H.264, even FLV etc., and H.264 renders the cleanest output IMO…worth the $29 price of admission.

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