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What do you think happened to my 6 legged spider Alex?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) April 5th, 2014

It was a medium sized house spider… I captured it in my bathroom 5 years ago with a root beer container. I realized that I had severed 2 of its 8 legs , so i put a little bit of drinking water in the container and poked some holes in the lid so it can breathe. One week later it spun a web and i realized that it was hungry, So I took it outside and let it go in the backyard grass in Autumn. I wonder what would have happened to my spider… I named him Alex. What do you think happened to my 6 legged spider let go in the mountains of Jasper.

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5 years ago? Surely it’s dead by now.

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It became Shelob.

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After five years I suspect it’s succumbed to old age, if it didn’t get consumed by a predator in the meantime. I doubt that losing a couple of legs would have been much of a handicap to its survival.

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He most likely limped his way to the nearest spider sanctuary for disabled arachnids.

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I shit you not I had a 3-legged turtle with a similar story and I wonder what happened to him, too.
My mom fed him cantelope and ground beef and he hibernated under the porch for one winter. He came back the next spring. We spent the whole summer with him and then he was gone.

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He became spiderman and makes millions in the film industry.
It could be him as he wears a costume…right?
wish him well and hope that he remembers you too.

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If your spider was still able to spin a wed, I’d say it’s likely to have lived a normal spider life. A typical ground dweller would probably succumbed to a predator pretty quickly, but a spider with a wed would have the same advantages as any other spider.

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