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Am I a Harry Potter fan?

Asked by WhovianGirl18 (80points) April 6th, 2014 from iPhone

I’ve read the first two books and I love them. I’m starting on the third book. I watched the first four movies and I love them.

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Do you think about Harry Potter all day? Do your eyes sparkle when someone talk about Harry Potter? Do you collect Harry Potter related things like posters?

Being a fan is different than just “like”. When you are a fan, you are crazy at everything that have Harry Potter in them apart from books and movies. When you like, you don’t have that enthusiasm. You only enjoy the books and the movies.

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Yes… at the moment yes.

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The answer to your question would appear to be “yes”.

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I don’t blame you, Alan Rickman is in them!

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Keep reading, they’re fun books. :)

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You may be a Hotter Fanny Pan.

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I think you need to go beyond just the books and movies like if you buy one of the books that are the spin offs like the fairy tale book in the Deathly Hallows or the Scene-it game or join a fan club or go to the theme park. Then you are a fan. Up to that point you are just someone who likes Harry Potter. I am someone who likes HP, my daughter is a fan

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Have you dressed up like a Hogwarts student for Halloween? Have you played the video games or visited the theme park? Keep exploring new ways to expand your imagination with Harry Potter.
I’d say you’re a fan, enjoy it!

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I love the Harry Potter books and movies. You seem to be a fan as well.

Here is great advice: stop watching the movies until after you have read the books!
The movies are nice, but there is so much more in the books, and changes were made to accommodate movie budgets.

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Filmfann – I always watch movies based on books first so I don’t get disappointed by the movie.

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Welcome to the Harry Potter fan club! Like @filmfann states, it is better to read the books before seeing the movies, or at least read a book before watching its film. Trust us…it’s a much better way to approach the series in order to get the maximum effect.

When you make the pilgrimage to England, be sure to go to The Railway Museum in York, which houses the Hogwarts Express from the movies. In London, you can visit Platform 9 & ¾ at the King’s Cross train station (I’ve been to both). There are plenty of other HP places to visit in the UK.

Have you taken the Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz to find out which house you belong in? Have you discovered the Harry Potter Wiki page yet? It’s the ultimate resource for all information on HP.

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