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Why won't my PS3 play a single game, when the others work fine?

Asked by bomyne (636points) April 7th, 2014

I bought my PS3 about 6 months ago when The Last of Us came out. Played the game. Loved it. Put the game aside to play GTAV, and other PS3 games. Fast forward to this month, and when I put The Last of Us into the PS3… nothing happens. It sounds like it’s spinning the disk, but other than that, nothing happens. I thought maybe it was the disk and bought a new copy of the game… nothing happens.

I have a PS3 library of about 15 games, and all the others work fine. DVDs also play fine. Can someone help me?

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Is the PS3 still under warranty? I’d try that route first.

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Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.Does this happen only when you play blue ray disc? If this happens only when you play blue ray disc then may be the blu-ray diode is going out.

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Is it a modern PS3 where a door slides open to reveal the disk drive, or is it one of the ones where you slide the disk into the drive?
If it is one of the brand-new PS3’s with the sliding door, this is a very common problem. Many different things could have happened. In my case, my cat stepped on the lens and now only a select few games will play. Any kind of trauma the PS3 may have suffered to the top could cause the drive to malfunction too. I have heard from plenty of people that sitting things like books or slamming a game case down on the lid of the PS3 is enough to destroy the alignment of the lens.
If it is still under warranty, or you have insurance on the device, it’s time to send the thing back. If you don’t have any of those options, then you’re in the boat I am in. I’ve found that I can play my “no-play” games sometimes by standing the PS3 on it’s end, rather then sitting flat, but I don’t do this a lot because, as I said, I have cats.

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Something kind of similar happened with my PS3 and AC:Assault Horizon, it worked fine for a few weeks but I got burned out and went back to playing HAWX for a few months, then when I tried to play Assault Horizon again i couldn’t get past the main menu….it just refused to load any data from the disk….I fixed it by deleting all my stored info for that game from the memory…it sucked because I was pretty far into the game but at least it works now.

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@Smitha It only happens for this one game. Every other DVD. Every other bluray. Every other PS3 game i put in the drive works perfectly. I know it’s not the disk though because the new copy won’t work either.

@Juels @jtvoar16 I have no idea if it is still under warranty. I assume since i only bought it half way though last year that it should be, but how do i go about getting warranty service done in it?

And yes, it is the one with the sliding door.

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I’m serious, it’s just the data on your system for that game, it has been corrupted, so you have to find it and erase it before it will work again.

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Try changing the position of your PS3. Eject the disc tilt the PS3 upwards as you insert the disc in and check if it reads.

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@cheebdragon I’ve tried deleting the installed data for the game, but i haven’t deleted the saved file itself (You can tell which is which by the file size). I’ll give that a try in a little bit.

@Smitha I just tried that, it didn’t work. :(

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I tried a drastic measure and restored the playstation 3 to it’s factory defaults and then tried to run the game without patching the system or the game. Nothing.

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Here is a link for the PS3 warranty and support information. It includes a website and phone number for support. Looks like the warranty is 1 year from the purchase date.

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Hmm… That page applies to US customers. After i read that message, i had a look around the AU site for a similar page but haven’t found it yet.

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Super thanks, Juels.

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