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What are your thoughts on this sort of personality over fifty?

Asked by Aster (18313points) April 7th, 2014

A Facebook friend, whose gender I will go out of my way not to mention for fear of being blasted on here, is fifty-six and I’ve know them for three years. Living in Los Angeles, they are obsessed with the famous like mostly movie stars both current and deceased. Each morning their Facebook is filled with birthday and death announcements of actors who were born from the 1800’s to the 1980’s complete with photos of parties, affairs, Oscar speeches and provocative poses. It’s my opinion that it’s an obsession. This Facebook friend has never been married, retired early and their parents are admired greatly with pictures of them as newlyweds in black and white up until today. I have nothing against movie stars, I am interested in the British royal family but those things are very minor in my life. I’m trying to figure out why they’re doing this and why the major importance of it all? Any ideas? And let me add this: it is not a criticism. It’s merely a curiosity. I like this person a great deal.

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Sounds like they live vicariously through others fame & importance.

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Are the pictures and posts mostly movie stars, or any celebrity? This person could be a real movie buff.

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Sounds like an obsession. Fairly harmless obsession I guess.

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@GloPro all the pictures are of movie stars, sports’ announcers, baseball players, musical groups. It would be a shock to see any news reports on their page.
Maybe “movie buff” is the answer. I think it’s strange. Quite odd.

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Bored person with not much of a life beyond that!?

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@ZEPHYRA I don’t thick their life is boring. They have attended the funerals of celebrities like Sammy Davis Jr, are involved in civic affairs, meet their friends weekly for a fancy lunch and , most of all, they throw parties for every single holiday in their home. Catered affairs with live entertainment including birthday parties for their mother. They , of course, have posted their photo with celebrities like The Righteous Brothers and others. They have literally thousands of Facebook friends.

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Everyone needs a hobby.

Some people collect kitschy salt and pepper shakers. Just how many salt and pepper shakers does one household need?

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Yes, but you don’t collect things out of “need.” I don’t know why people collect things. The friends I know who have done it all ended up selling their collections. This person seems to have a lifestyle of celebrity hunting or something.

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We are all different, they collect stories of old stars, some collect shoes, some shove botox in their face, it’s okay.

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@JLeslie Sure, fairly harmless until they make you put the lotion on the skin….

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Not much. They’re interested in actors and movies, what’s the problem? If they’re happy this way, then cool.

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