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What was your last encounter with a celebrity?

Asked by filmfann (44525points) April 7th, 2014

My daughter works as a body piercer, and Lars Ulrich of Metallica brought his son to her yesterday to get his ears pierced. She was quite jazzed rocked about it.
What happened the last time you ran into someone famous?

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Not being a Metallica fan, I didn’t know who he was when she told me. I asked if it was the one armed drummer. She thought that was funny.

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2 weeks ago had my photo taken with Ritchie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan from the band Winery Dogs. 2 of the very best musicians currently on tour. I regularly take hall of fame pro bowler Carmine Salvino and his wife out to dinner. He uses my lab at work to continue his research on new bowling bowls.

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Patrick Dempsey a few weeks ago at Sebring. We were just finishing our lunch in a hospitality tent as he walked in. My husband snapped a photo before we left. I was around a lot of racecar drivers that day who my husband recognized, I’m clueless. We had pitt passes so we were right up there in the action. We were with the Aston team TRG. They gave us headsets and everything, we could hear the drivers and the people in the Pitt communicating with them.

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@JLeslie That would be fun. A bunch of us used to go to the Glen when the IMSA guys were running there. They used to let everyone into the pits and the drivers always were friendly and talkative.

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In 1998 we lived 2 houses up from Dallas Cowboy Hall of Famer Bob Lilly. I have a really nice photo with him with nobody else around, went to his house and to a Christmas party at his best friends’ home which was right next door. That is when I asked for the photo op. My husband and I had a fifteen minute chat with his wife that night. Boy; was she cute.

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@Sebring during our Porsche club races anyone can come into the pits, but during big deal races they don’t let anyone in, you need passes. The pits are crazy busy in Sebring during a big race. Many of my friends like the Glen best. I have never been to that track, but I was just considering a vacation up there. Not a race weekend, but a regular vacation. You might remember a few years ago I was looking at NY or VT, and wound up in VT. Considering NY again.

Edit: Porsche will be there May 30-June 1. You just need to sign a waiver and you’re in if you want to go.

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@JLeslie The Finger Lakes area is amazing. They have great wineries The Glen is great, but getting in and out is tough. Only one access and it’s a two lane road.

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I might need a recommendation from you for where to stay. I’ve been all over NYS, but many years ago.

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Last time I talked to my boyfriend today. :)

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If Olympic medalists are celebrities then two weeks ago. Maddie Boman, Hannah Teter, Jamie Anderson. Two golds and a repeat medalist. Not too shabby.

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I was riding in a car on the Las Vegas strip in 1973. We pulled up at a stop light next to Redd Foxx in his pink Cadillac.

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I used to work with a guy years ago. His name was Sky Larson. He once played bass guitar in a band named “Every Mother’s Son” that had a single hit in the early ‘60s, “Come on down to my boat, baby.” A great guy as a friend, and his wife was real sweet, too. It was with these two friends that I went to see “Star Wars.”

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You mean BEFORE they filed the restraining order?

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