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Why do I keep having to refresh Bittorent?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) July 2nd, 2008

Let me prerequisite this by saying I am tech stupid.

With that said:
I’ve be
en downloading some rather large media files on BitTorent (for OS X). The downloading’s going well but the annoying part is as follows:

Every time I check on the files (I have 4 going at once) I need to refresh them because they’re going at 0.00 Kib/S. Then when I refresh them everything’s fine. Another hour or so later I need to do the same thing.

The other night, however, I left them alone all night and they were still going when I woke up.

Also, it’s not peer related. Sometimes I’ll have 2,3 or even 4 peers and still be getting 0.00 KiB/S.

Anyone have any advice?

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sounds like your ISP might be throttling you

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Mine was not on the list. (I have COX) of ISP’s who limit torrenting.

Any other ideas?

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Which torrent client are you using? Have you tried using others?

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Haha you changed your avatar to Aku!

Guess what?- that’s exactly what I’m torrenting. Samurai Jack.

To answer your question: bittorent for OS X

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I figured as much ^_^ it took me a good 5–6 days to download, but its soooooooo worth it im halfway through season 3 already. Anyway, what torrent client are you using? Because ive had similar problems with certain ones, so id try downloading the torrent with a different client.

Edit: damn you editing after i posted this. I have no experience with that one, but it wouldnt hurt to try some different ones. Heres a list of mac bittorrent clients, i dont know how macs version is, but i use Transmission for Ubuntu and i havent had any problems. I’ve heard good things about Azureus as well, but its supposed to be a bit slow on Mac :( .

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Torrentfreak discuss just this quite a bit.
They linked to a test that determines whether or not your ISP is at fault. You should try it.

I assume you have your ports forwarded and all that jazz?

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exactly, did you open the port ?, did you use transmission, THE torrent app for mac ?

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@iwa so Transmission is good for Mac as well. Its pretty awesome for ubuntu, only problem i seem to have is it uses up my ram even after ive closed out the app, so i just restart the OS.

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i think they plugged that memory leak, not sure though really, i’d have to check it out, but yeah, it’s an awesome app :D

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