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What do you do to win an argument ?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12942points) April 7th, 2014

I don’t care about right or wrong, or the subject of what the argument is or was about, I would like to know what do you do to get the upper hand in an argument, do you just get loud and shout, do you get rude and crude, do you pout, do you cry, do you get insulting, do you threaten violence, what is your argument tactic ?

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Walk away, mostly.

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@ucme not worth the effort , I can see that point, but what if they have you cornered?

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In general, I use facts & browbeat you to submission. I’m stubborn.

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I usually get pissed and give up. I’m not sure I ever win.

My parents were both experts at the silent treatment. I am extremely oversensitive to it because of that.

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“win an argument”

Could you explain what this means?

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A wise man once said don’t raise your voice improve your arguement, so thats what I do and I also look up great comebacks.

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I usually get louder. Not to win necessarily, but to feel heard. It’s not a great tactic. Mostly I try to point out where the person has a flaw in their logic.

Most arguments I am not looking to win, I am trying to be understood and to understand the other person. A discussion would be better, but sometimes emotions get all tangled in and it looks more like an argument than a discussion.

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Meh…I’m not into dueling egos. If the opposing party is, especially, and clearly, coming from either emotional reasoning or inferior “logic”, read: emotional reasoning, stubborness, ego, childish and petulant defense I usually dismiss the situation with a ” well, looks like we need to agree to disagree.

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If the sword is not sharp enough, utilize a hammer, life is not very complicated. XD

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My argument tactic is logic.

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Head locks, Figure four leg lock and attack a lot of pressure points….or take her out to dinner depending on my mood.

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I don’t do anything to win. If it’s my decision, I’ll make a decision after weighing input. If it’s someone else’s decision, I’ll provide input and my reasoning, but they make the decision.

Life is not a game of win or lose.

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On email, I will either provide google or some other proof.

Verbally, I make sure I am right, and if I don’t know, I won’t argue or push the issue.

I am not usually a yeller. I will speak quietly and make my point.

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@Dan_Lyons I’d say that, too, but I only find myself arguing with people who don’t value it.

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Do you…
get loud occasionally
get rude and crude hardly ever
pout pouting is for sissies
cry I only cry when I’m sad
get insulting rarely
threaten violence never

What I do most often is confuse people. So much fun.
In serious arguments, I don’t try to win.

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I would put out proof/evidence that would make my argument plausible. If the opposer still disagrees, I smile gently looking at them in the eyes, look at the proof on the table and glance back in their eyes; still smiling. Then I would then move my head in a “no fashion” and walk away.

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I ask them a question that has only one obvious answer. Usually, though, instead of getting an answer I just get told to shut up!

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@SQUEEKY2 I’m with @ucme what do you mean ”...if they have you cornered.” If someone is cornered in an argument, that usually means you’re wrong. I’m assuming you don’t mean physically cornered, btw.

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I’m never “cornered”...far too wily for that malarky.

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lol, malarky

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If you’re not certain you’re right, don’t argue. You might debate, but don’t argue unless you are certain winning is possible and you intend to be the winner.

Don’t get sidetracked. Keep the argument focused narrowly on the point you intend to take.
“Molesting a child under the age of 13 is wrong.”
“But what if the sex was consensual?”
“Molesting a child under the age of 13 is wrong.”
But what if the other kid is only 16?”
“Molesting a child under the age of 13 is wrong.”

Do not curse. It gives the other party a legitimate reason to derail your argument and put you on the defensive. Ground given up needlessly.

If the argument is in person, never raise your voice above “loud”. No shouting or screaming. If it’s on the phone, I find it effective to gradually raise my voice as the conversation continues. It’s effective because if they don’t give in, you’ll be transferred to a supervisor or ‘bad apple’ specialist who will have more leeway to and incentive to get you off the phone.

Be polite, and if the other party is not polite, call them out on it. “I listened to you very politely and I do not appreciate you trying to talk over my response.”

Remain calm and pay attention. People do not expect other people to pay attention any more, and there’s nothing better than using the words a person said 5 minutes ago against their current argument.

If you’re on the phone and getting completely stonewalled, let her rip! The rules are off…scream yell and curse. You’ll feel better when you get that supervisor, and can now start all over with the sweetness and light routine.

I could write a book on getting your way. Friends who have witnessed my end of an argument with a phone rep usually say “YOU call!” the next time something comes up.

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I won’t argue unless I am certain of my facts, and sure to win.
Needless to say, I don’t argue often.

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I’m a woman. I win every argument by default.

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@livelaughlove21 Good point, guess that’s why I never win against Mrs Squeeky. :o)

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@hearkat But sometimes we come up against people who refuse to lose, no matter how ridiculous they suddenly realize they are! Like, my husband. He won’t concede. The only way I know that I’ve won is he’ll shut me down. “Ok Val! Whatever! Shut up!”

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