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I'm currently burning some Wild Berry incense is this healthy?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) April 7th, 2014

I haven’t dug too deep into the health effects of incense I thought I could just help my home smell good but I’m thinking this stuff is too powerful and I’m only using a shorty (short stick)

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Combusting anything in a closed space indoors isn’t healthy. That being said, if you really enjoy incense and you’re just burning one stick (not several, not smoking up the whole house) then it’s not that big of a deal.

I burn about 1 stick of incense every other day or so.

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I’ve never cared for incense burning, I prefer to just dance around the house spraying everything with perfume. lol
Incense smoke is irritating IMO, but as long as you are not sealed in your house wth zero ventilation it’s not going to kill you.
I’d open up all the windows personally.

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@Coloma Yea there’s kind of this holistic smell with burning incense I think I prefer burning candles but that may be another health concern in itself!

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Candles or incense really helps in calming or creating a mood. But long term exposure to these fumes can cause respiratory symptoms, including asthma, headaches and worsen symptoms for those who suffer from allergies. Just buy a diffuser and use essential oils.

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I think the correct answer here is; “It depends”.

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Not particularly harmful, but not wonderful for you either. Honestly, almost anything nowadays is deemed unhealthy.. aside from apples.

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