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How the heck am I supposed to get my granite floor clean?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) April 7th, 2014

Some friends of ours came to “borrow” our kitchen and fried steaks. You know, the kind of frying that sets off the smoke alarm one floor up and around the corner? sigh
Anywho, so the entire kitchen floor and half of the dining room was greasy as heck. I have used the Swiffer Wet Jet three times (clean pads each time), and even gone so far as to use 409 All Purpose and paper towels on my hands and knees, and it still has a residue. Not necessarily greasy feeling, but if you look at the floor from the right angle, you can see streaks and sometimes footprints.

It’s driving me NUTS. What can I use to clean those tiles properly?

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Have you tried glass cleaner? When I got granite counter tops, the guy told me to use a glass cleaner on them.

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Yeah I was thinking Windex and very hot water.

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Don’t use anything with either ammonia or vinegar (acids) these can etch or stain the floor. Contact whoever installed floor for neutral ph cleaning solution.
Are you sure it is granite and not some other stone, each has a different cleaner?

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I’m not sure if this would apply. But I just got a cheap steamer thing on Amazon for 40 bucks. My stove was a mess and it just melted a year of junk of it and I wiped it all up with a wad of paper towels. Looks like new now.

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I would try half a bottle of vinegar, half a bottle of water and a couple of drops of dawn dish washing detergent in a spray bottle.

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