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If you disappeared off Fluther how much do you believe you would actually be missed?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 7th, 2014

As posted not long ago, a Flutheronian passed away. Did anyone realize there had not been a post or activity from that member in some time or any of the others whose accounts are still active but they have not had activity in months (if not years). I notice all the time Jellies that use to post regularly, some all of the time, but they are no longer active. Sometimes they go dormant then pop back up like a mushroom after a spring rain, seemingly out of nowhere. If you disappeared off Fluther, job, chronic illness, death, etc. how much do you believe anyone would miss you? Do you believe anyone would notice they have not seen you in a while? If they noticed do you think they would care enough to send you a PM to see if you would, by chance respond?

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I left for six months when I went to the hospital… very few people noticed.

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I don’t think anyone would notice. Not because I feel ignored or disliked, but simply because my answers are fairly generic and middle-of-the-road. I think that we notice the people who are funny, extremely intelligent or controversial first when they go missing. Or, if you have developed a personal relationship with someone, you would notice their absence.

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Not much at all.

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I know of a one jelly who left to go back to Answerbag. I miss her.

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I’m pretty generic here so I don’t think over two or three people would really notice.
Some of the jellies are facebook friends, so if one of them died and it was noted on facebook, then I would think they would post it here.

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A few would miss me, probably the majority wouldn’t notice, and some might be happy I’m gone if they did.
Not saying this as attention fishing, as I believe that this would most likely be the case with most jellies.

There are well known jellies here that everyone love but who no longer post, or barely, and I see no one talking about them, at least not openly, so I believe that my theory stands.

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A few would miss me, the majority no. I’d miss you @Symbeline , very much!
No run o’ the mill Vanilla for you. If you were a cocktail I’d call you Zombie Zinger :-D

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The long stretches of time when I was inactive here, no one reached out to me to say that I was missed; but a few always greeted me warmly when I returned.

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I’ll miss you, @Symbeline and @Coloma!

But I’m not sure if anyone will miss me. I have just joined for 1 year anyway…

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I’d miss you @Mimishu1995
There are a handful of jellies I really like, you’re one of them. :-)

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No, no one would miss me, that okay though. :)

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I’d definitely notice a gap in Fluther if certain Jellies were gone. In fact, it’s already happened. A lot.
I don’t know about dxs, but surprisingly, I found out that a few people missed me from my old account. It’s odd seeing some of them still here today: they don’t know I’m that old account but I do.

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Not at all. I’m friends with a few on Facebook, but for the most part don’t even talk about fluther.

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I notice when someone stops, and when and if they come back. But, I don’t comment on it. I just figure it is like life and it goes on regardless of the cast and crew.

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I would miss all you guys.

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@talljasperman I know of a one jelly who left to go back to Answerbag. I miss her.
I hope the welts from the whips and the bruises from the rubber hoses healed by the time she got back to AB, after all, we would not want those people over there to think there wasn’t live here.

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Has there been any sighting of @tinyasiangirl, @Ladymia69, @incendiary_dan, @Blueroses, @Dr_Dredd, or @Merriment on any threads lately?
Yeah, yeah, it is breaking the rules but how can you ask if anyone seen them without having to post a gazillion PMs?

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I miss me some Blueroses, I’ll tell yall that. But last we spoke, she got a kick butt job. she likes it, it pays good enough, but it DOES keep her mighty busy. But as far as I know, she’s doing all right. Hope that didn’t change. :)

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I didn’t come here for two years. Lots of people missing when I came back which was sad. i noticed them gone. I also was very pleased to see some familiar names and to meet some new ones.

I decided to lose weight and spent my online free time on another forum and I didn’t seem to be able to do both it and the diet and Fluther. But I’ve got my weight down to a ‘normal’ BMI and kept it there for about 8 months now. As I stopped looking at the forums for the slightly monotonous but aggressive fitness pals and stopped doing the calorie counting I now have more time to come to Fluther. I’m enjoying being back!

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I doubt anyone would care.

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I would not be missed.

(How do I know? I am a former member that reached a few lurve milestones yet my username never appears in questions like this. Oh well.)

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Not something I think about much, there is love here though.

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Just enjoy the sandbox while you’re playing. :-)

I look at fluther as a sort of cocktail lounge where people come and go, a collective cocktail party in the moment.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I doubt anyone would care.
Are you kidding me? One at least will

@turtlesandbox Don’t worry, you were not the only one left off the list. Sometimes it is best not to be associated in certain circles.

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Since I am a newcomer, I won’t be missed. But I do miss many of my fellow Askvillians who suddenly disappeared after joining Fluther. I tried messaging them. Some responded some did not. I do keep in touch with them through mail.

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Since I am a newcomer, I won’t be missed.
Oh really? Maybe some keep an eye out for your activity you have no knowledge of.

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@chyna . . . I’d miss you.

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I’d miss many of you for realz, we need to build some confidence up in heya. :)

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Lol, up in heya. That was awesome. Lol.

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I’m not long back from three weeks holiday. Did anyone notice my absence? I miss a few jellies who are no longer with us and there are a few, some on this thread, that I would miss if they disappeared.

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