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Do we celebrate 10K parties with deleted jellies?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) April 7th, 2014

Lets say someone with 9,999 points gets deleted… then someone gives a extra point and making 10,004 points. Then does Fluther automatically trigger a party.

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No – there’s no automatic trigger. Someone has to notice and host the party. I guess there could be a party for an absent Jelly if their loss wasn’t publicly noted but I don’t think it’s happened.

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Not to my knowledge, but I think a “posthumous” congrats party would be a hoot! ;-p

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Kinda like having a party for a dead person. lol

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I lurved someone to 10k once. I can’t remember the name but it had many L’s and I’s in it. Lililili something. No party was ever held.

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Psst! Hey, you! Yeah, you. I’m lookin at you. Come over here. I heard there was an illegal party goin on here. Is this like a rave? Say, you got any them nekkid pancakes?

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Seriously @janbb ?

I did not know this. I thought it was automatic like fluther wondering when I was going to drop by or noticing what I was wearing today.

learn something new everyday!

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It isn’t automatic. They actually have to manually add it to the community feed on the right too. With Lisa gone too I expect less of that now too.

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So, I could do a “Guess who just reached, um, 13713 (a near palindrome) party if I wanted too?

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In the early days some people tried to have “666” and “6969” parties. These were deleted.

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I believe we can have a JP has 7304 party right this very second, if we wish. Who the hell is going to stop us?

Right on!

wHo0p ! Wh0oP !

Let’s give it up for JP!

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Well, if we toss in my old account I have 47,643 points.

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Drinks are on JP ! He’s rich.

I’ve got the griddle hot. I’m ready to start flippin nekkid pancakes.

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@johnpowell It isn’t automatic. They actually have to manually add it to the community feed on the right too. With Lisa gone too I expect less of that now too.

That’s news to me, never knew that. Always just thought it was programmed that way.

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Um, sorry.

It is time to party.

*Jake shuffles off and sits alone in the corner chewing day-old nekkid pancakes.

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Nah I knew dat bro, was just trying to secretly know where yall keep the stash. Now get out of that corner and let us be Vikings yo. :)

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@Coloma Fluther version of weekend at bernies?

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@rojo No it just evolved as part of the culture here.

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I want some pancakes!
Maybe we should have “The last supper” parties for those that are planning to depart.

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@Coloma Here’s a pancake. I brought coconut syrup, too.

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K, guess it’s my turn to go sulk in a corner haha.

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Can’t we just have a wake for our dearly deleted Jellies?

Guess who won’t make 5k!! Whoo! Whoo!

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