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What do you think of the website ""?

Asked by writerini (154points) July 2nd, 2008
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youtube imitation 2.0

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better video quality… commenters on the site say less mentally disabled

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Definitely AlexChoi. I also think that the interface is pretty sweet.

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I’m a big fan of Vimeo, and use it for my personal stuff. It’s not intended for a mass audience. It’s been targeting indie filmmakers and people who want a more professional presentation. Plus, I’m a big fan of their video player controls.

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It’s the Fluther of the video community sites.

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If you want alot of people to see a video, use youtube. If you want better quality to show to your friends, use vimeo.

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Vimeo also has a different target and purpose. They have a focus on high video quality and videos of a personal and/or artistic nature that’s meant more for sharing amongst your friends and family.

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Hate that its not iPhone compatible….

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@Curious are any video sharing sites iPhone compatible? (Besides YouTube, which more or less converted their entire library over to mpeg4 at Apple’s demand)

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@jballou Dailymotion is compatible.

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