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If you're a botanist or in the south of France now, can you identify this flowering tree? (See details)

Asked by gailcalled (54448points) April 8th, 2014

Here’s the blossom to scale and the flower and foliage. Leaves are wrong for apple, peach, plum and cherry. 5 petals (or tepals) seem to eliminate magnolias and dogwood. What else is there?

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I am not a botanist but that looks like the flower of some species of dogwood tree.

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Looks like apple to me… why do you say the leaves are wrong?

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My sister is renting this property for the month and grows apple, peach, pear, plum and cherry trees in her garden in upstate NY. She’s the one who says that the blossoms are too big, too far apart and the leaves are wrong for the abovementioned trees.

Her guess was either dogwood or magnolia, but dogwood seems to have only four petals on the blosssoms and magnolia 6 or more.

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I bad it looks like a plumaria tree.

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I have no idea what kind of tree that is, but it is most definitely not a plumeria.

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Is a frangipani the same as a plumeria?

What about an oleander?

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There is nothing in the middle of a plumeria blossom.

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I’m neither a botanist nor in the south of France, but that’s quince.

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Looks like plum

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@pleiades Hit it I think. Here’s an image of a plum – single five petal

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Are you sure it’s a plumeria? That looks like a magnolia as it buds, with the classic shape and there are more than 210 varieties so one could be 5 petaled.

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Looks like Flowering crabapples(Malus species) a popular ornamental trees in Colorado landscapes.

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@Hawaii_Jake nixed the plumeria, and plum blossoms are too small and too clustered.

At the moment @thorninmud‘s suggestion of quince seems the most similar.

Quince flower and leaf match

I’m sending this on to my sister who will be awake tomorrow morning (which will be soon) and report back.

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@Smitha: We grew up with a large crab apple on the side of the house. The blossoms are too small and too closely clustered to match the picture I linked.

I have eliminated beech plum also. How many hours did I spend today looking at pictures of flowering trees? Let me count.

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@gailcalled Crab apple just means wild apple. It could be any of maybe 50 different species.

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I will wait to hear whether quince passes the test; if my sister says no, then I’ll send her some of the other suggestions.

The blossom in my sister’s picture, if you compare it to the nickel and dime, is larger than many of the traditional flowering fruit trees and not clustered…each flower stands alone.

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And the winner is @thorninmud.

My sister writes, “I think you’ve got it. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.”

Thanks, everyone, for the help.

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I was thinking it was a Golden Delicious apple blossom but the flowers are clustered together. But I had fun looking at pretty pictures of flowers!

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