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Can you help me figure out the title of this animated series from the 80s?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) April 8th, 2014

Been wracking my brain for almost an hour now and so naturally, I go to Fluther for the answer so I don’t end up jumping off a cliff. LOL

I only have vague memories of it. I think it’s Japan produced but not certain. The main character, a boy, owns a small cute doll, a teddy-bear like toy character that holds a hammer.

In every episode, in order for them to get back in their own world, the teddy-bear toy has to strike the hammer down to open a portal. The teddy-bear is alive when they’re on an adventure in another dimension but in the real world, he is just an ordinary toy.

That’s all I can remember.

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Are you sure you were not on a mushroom bender and dreamed this up? lol
Sorry…no, I do not remember anything like this, I will ask my daughter who is 26.
I know… ask @Mimishu1995 !
—Thinking of that other Japanese cartoon with the kid that rode around on that giant white dog. haha

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I consider myself quite knowledgeable on anime but I haven’t ever run across what you describe. Sorry. I agree with @Coloma : ask Mimishu1995.

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If that’s not it, and you think that reading titles might jog your memory, here you can find a pretty exhaustive list of the cartoons made (not syndicated) in the 80s.

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my friend monster

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I think this is it: Paul’s Miraculous Adventure

From the Wikipedia page, “While Pakkun appears to be a fairly ordinary stuffed toy, he in reality is the keeper of the portal between Earth and an alternate dimension known as the Land of Wonders.”

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Does the bear look like this?

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^ that was a lot less scary than I thought it would be.

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I will look for r34 when I get home.

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Wow thanks so much jellies-! But @dappled_leaves got it right-! I’m a happy camper. ;)

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