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Can I own a car without a licence or insurance if I don't plan to drive it?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) April 8th, 2014

Just for the A/C and satellite radio and comfy chair?

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I don’t know the laws in Canada but in the US (California anyway) you would have to file an affidavit stating that the car was non operative.
You can get XM on a handheld device and if you want to spend money on a nice chair you can

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An in-home satellite radio and a good recliner would be far better.

@Judi If it can run the A/C, it’s operative enough to need registration, at least a temporary move plate. DMVs aren’t known for handling special cases well. That said, once it’s in it’s final position, it could stick around unregistered… depending on your area’s views on “abandoned” vehicles.

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Yes. As long as you don’t bring it on the road, who the hell is gonna find out?

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I have another car like that. In Idaho, USA. It’s a spare and too good to get rid of.

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Yes, you can own a car without a license but you may need a license and proof of insurance to register your vehicle with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. In some countries the police can ticket and tow an unregistered vehicle if parked on a public street and even a vehicle without plates on private property may run afoul of local ordinances.

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Regarding insurance, if the vehicle is financed, you’ll probably need insurance. It’s not the law, but rather a condition of getting the loan.

@flip86 That depends on where you live. Back in NH, I occasionally had unregistered cars in my yard for months on end. Here in the suburbs of Seattle, I’ve seen a few unregistered cars towed from my apartment complex alone within a week, and they’re even quicker to tow them on the street.

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Why would you spend the money on a car you’re not going to drive when simply buying an air conditioner, satellite radio receiver and comfy chair for you home would be the much better option logically and financially?

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@Darth_Algar Because car seats are comfy…. and utterly non-removable from any of the cars at the local Pull-a-part (or Canadian equivalent).

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Where I live, I believe you can have an unregistered vehicle if you (a) have an indoor parking spot (i.e. you are not allowed to have a car with no plates in your yard) and (b) pay outright (i.e. do not require bank financing).

You would have to check into your local laws.

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