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How can I help my boyfriend feel better after a dream he had?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6531points) April 9th, 2014

He told me he is scared for our future and after a lot of talking, he admitted he had a dream I hanged myself at my home. I do not plan on ever doing this, but he does not seem entirely convinced…

Also, why would he even have a dream like that anyway?

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Tell him it’s only a dream and that you wouldn’t really do that. Just don’t worry. It could be just the fear of losing you. Try to talk with him about what his fears are and reassure him that there is nothing to fear. All you got to do is keep on loving him and care for him as you have.

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It’s about nothing more than his natural insecurity—we all have that. But I promise the memory of it will fade and all will be real. Go out and have some fun and forget about the dream.

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His dream has a character that looks like you in it, that is not you. Everything in a dream is about one’s inner unresolved emotional life. The feelings he has about that character and what happens to it map to some feelings he has about something going on in his life.
The dream is not about you hanging yourself.

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I second Pachy. He’s just dealing with our natural concerns about loved ones. He’s worried about losing you, one way or another. I’d be more concerned that he didn’t come out and say it sooner. You guys need to talk a bunch about yourselves and your relationship. Just get each other on the same page. On the plus side the only people that aren’t concerned about losing each other are the idiots that don’t give a crap about each other.

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Have him lay on the couch with you and cuddle with him. Hold his head in your arms while twirling a small lock of his hair between your fingers.

Whisper confident assurances in his ear to let him know that everything will be ok.

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Dreams can be awfully disturbing at times, but I believe that if this is a concern for both of you in any way, you already have the right approach; talking about it.

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Was there anyone else he knew well or was close to that did this? Perhaps he is afraid that you will leave him by dying without any notice/warning. It sounds like he needs his self confidence boosted.

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Three simple letters outta do it.

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I, too, have had puzzling dreams and frightening dreams but have come to realize that these are some thoughts in our subconscious that cannot hurt us. It is good to talk it out with someone who can be reassuring. Sometimes we get a hint about something that was bothering us, something worth working on or talking about and that helps to bring it to the surface. I wouldn’t worry about these dreams we are pretty complex and it’s just another level of our mind at work. Lighten up, have fun and reassure each other. Or hang a dream catcher over your bed to ‘take’ the dreams that might be upsetting..

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