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Where do I get this, "Say No to Death" plant?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) April 9th, 2014

Here is an image and allegedly it’s never been re-watered since 1972.

How do I go about setting one of these up for myself?

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Here you go!

I want to make one too. Haven’t gotten a round Tuit yet.

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I’ve made a bunch of these. I just took a large wine bottle with a wide base and used a regular funnel to add dry potting soil. Then I added a little water, not much, you want the cuttings to root in a semi moist soil. Then I took small cuttings of house plants I liked, dropped them in the positioned them with kabob skewers and got them into the soil. You might try rooting hormone if it’s a little hard to propagate the cuttings. I left the top off and let it grow. It worked great.

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