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Can you invent a superhero?

Asked by downtide (23495points) April 9th, 2014

Imagine you’re writing a new comic; who is your hero? What super-powers and skills do they have? How did they acquire these powers? What does your hero look like? What is his or her “hero name”? Do they have a costume or particular manner of dress? What are their aims and goals? What, or who, do they fight for? And because the best heroes are flawed in some way, what are your character’s weaknesses?

Perhaps you’d rather create a super-villain instead? Go for it.

(shamelessly inspired by this question

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Name: Jack “Shade” Gunsche
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Nationality: German American
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 170
Hair: Dark Brown, Shaggy
Eyes: Hazel
Costume (if any): none, regular street clothes
Abilities: Jack can bend light up to the entire electromagnetic spectrum around him and anything within 10 meters of himself effectively allowing him to create illusions, bright blinding flashes (potentially resulting in tanning or sunburns), and rendering himself utterly invisible to even enhanced detection equipment (ex. IR cameras).
Brief Bio: Ever since his parents abandoned him upon discovering his powers when he was 10, Jack has lived on the streets of New York fending for himself, bitter at the world for treating him like a freak. For 5 and a half years, he lived such, not only honing his abilities (which allowed him to successfully rob and pull malicious pranks upon many stores, individuals, gangs, etc. and evade law enforcement and retribution from those he robbed and pranked) but combat abilities, and rapid analytical thinking as well. Finally he was caught when a forgotten hero with a superb sense of smell was put on the case to find him. The hero, instead of throwing Jack into juvenile detention, felt that there was a chance Jack could be reformed and thus was able to get Jack to begin his time at Super Hero High.

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Name: Zhitibisk
Gender: None
Age: 1.6 Million years
Origin: Zeta Reticuli 2
Height: 120 cm
Mass: 40 kg
Hair: None
Skin colour: Grey
Eyes: large pitch black reflective
Costumes: Naked
Biography: ‘Son’ of Kahvakak, an esteemed Zeta Reticulan explorer who crashed on Earth and was subsequently tortured, dissected and brutally murdered by hairless apes in a remote underground facility. Consumed by a righteous thirst for boundless revenge, he has arrived on Earth to dispense justice against the murderers of his ‘father’, after subjecting himself to the most extensive cybernetic combat enhancements the Zeta Reticulan Star Empire has to offer.
A single minded avenger, he will not rest until all that oppose him are ended.
– Offensive and Invasive Telepathy. Zhitibisk can forcefully invade his targets mind, and can bend it to his will, turning anyone on the receiving end into a marionette. He can extract any information and secrets from a victim’s mind in an instant, and turn its brain into a boiling mush once he is done.
– Wormhole projection. Zhitibisk can create artificial wormholes at will. For example, he can open a wormhole to the inside of a star, forcing superheated plasma from that star to exit the other end, or summoning asteroids, fierce alien creatures and Zeta Reticulan Battle Robots to destroy his foes. It also enables him to travel anywhere, any time, instantly.
– Black hole projection. Zhitibisk can create artificial black holes at will, at any point in space he desires. He can create one inside his victims, collapsing and crushing it into a singularity. Their creation can also be automated, resulting in an impenetrable barrier.
– warping of spacetime. Zhitibisk can create a bubble of warped space around him, redirecting energy and matter alike around him, making him both invisible and untouchable.
– particle charge reversal. Zhitibisk can reverse the charge and spin of any and all elementary particles of his target. He can, for example, turn all the electrons of a human’s atom into positrons, causing the target to immediately explode.
– quantum probability manipulation. Zhitibisk can force a desired outcome of all the quantum waveform collapses in his area, enabling him to instantly create anything he wants out of thin air, just by thinking about it.

And yes, he is the hero.

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My superhero ‘s superpower is the ability to know what women are thinking and can relate to others. He says please and thank you at a super human level. He works part time as a diplomat and part time secretly at McDonald as a fry cook.

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Name: Unknown, though most just call it, “Hey, watch it!”
Age: Unknown, as everyone who asks, simply forgets
Height: Unknown, even it is unsure
Weight: Unknown, sometimes it is light and sometimes it is heavy

Appearance: Nothing, as it calls itself, is in fact a something that is always perceived as nothing. You have probably seen It, as a him, or a her, out on the street. Sometimes it begs for money, and sometimes It steals from you, as you look it dead in the eye. You have watched him save countless lives, and condemn a like amount to death, or worse. You have watched her pass you by. But in the end, none of you will remember Nothing.

Biography: Nothing was born sometime ago. It has chosen to forget when, exactly, but It does remember how. It used to be a boy, of the age of two. His father was mad, and his mother a drunk. The father professed that his child was possessed, he had become obsessed. So the father called for an exorcism, not from a Priest of the Holy cloth, but a voodoo witch, from the deep south. The spells were cast, the ritual done, and the Father found what he had sought, a health child, completely normal… So much so, in fact, that soon, the Father forgot the child, as did the Mother, and the neighbors, and everyone else who laid eyes upon him. Eventually, the child began to change its form, of its own volition. After decades of choosing what sex to be, and what age, It began to exploit Its curse. Once It learned that anyone that saw, then looked away, would forget instantly, who It was, what It looked like, and what It was doing. Though, that was many years ago. Now it lives, contemplating death, and whether or not It should allow itself to die… But why die, when there are so many more things to see, so many more things to do… There will always be something for It to meddle in, whether it be an election of a country, or the affairs of the local barber… There will always be a reason to keep going…

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@ragingloli Except for Zhitibisk’s costume that is one awesome super hero. Excellent powers.

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I don’t think so. My characters are always down-to-earth people with normal ability.

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Name: Punda Bear.
Title of comic: The Adventures of Punda Bear.
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Nationality: Asian.
Height: How tall are Pandas?
Weight: A lot.
Hair: Black and white.
Eyes: Black?
Costume (if any): He is a panda. He will not wear clothes.
Abilities: The ability to communicate using only puns. The power of bamboo.
Brief Bio: A panda that can only comminicate using puns goes on an adventure meeting the Haiku Hitch Hiker and Sarcastic The Cat along the way. It would feature issues such as “Punda Bear and the Trecherous Sarcasm of Doom” and “Punda Bear and the Rancid Wilderness”

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