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I'm going to go see the movie "WALL-E" in an hour. Any good?

Asked by writerini (154points) July 2nd, 2008
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Try this thread asked two days ago.

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oh so good

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Best movie ive seen this year. (this statement only holds true until i see the dark knight in 16days ^_^) Definitely best animated movie though.

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Best Pixar movie yet.

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Why do you need our opinions if you’re already set on seeing it?

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Meeh…I thought Kung Fu Panda was much better.
And the comment about old men at the end calling it propaganda, yeah, that could have been me.

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You’ll love it, especially if you’re a fan of Hello Dolly.

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hey astrochuck! i heard that same comment on the radio the other day! i hear “wall-e” is a definite must-see.

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Actually, it was awful, these guys are all liars. Don’t waste your money :p

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