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Why have you recently been thankful for fluther?

Asked by gailcalled (54448points) April 10th, 2014

For years (slavering with gratitude) I relied on the selective collective for cat advice. But now, old and wiser, I turn to other mysteries. Two days ago, a botanically friendly group here chimed in to help ID a mysterious flowering fruit tree now growing in my sister’s rented farm house in the south of France.The Zen chocolatier with the new doggie found the correct answer.

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1. I get tons of information, deliberately or not.
2. Dr. Jelly improves my writing skills.
3. I have a chance to show my true self without fear of freaking people out.
4. I can engage in discussions without being attacked.
5. I meet a lot of interesting people.
6. I learn more about life.
7. I can express my feeling freely (something I can’t do even on Facebook).
8. Dr. Jelly makes me happier everyday.

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I received a few very kind PM’s in response to two recent frustrating experiences – drama with friends and ankle injury. I was very grateful for those, as well as the posts on the thread.

In general, Fluther makes me happy every day because I love learning about things I never even thought about before. I learn a lot by lurking around the IT questions.

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Fluther has kept me company and engaged me through many a dark, dull hour toward the end of my marriage and since it. Connecting with people is the most significant part of my life and while I have plenty of flesh and blood friends, I also have formed very deep ties with some Jellies. I have honed my pithiness and wittiness and occasionally sharpened my talons. I have learned a lot from many of the knowledgeable Jellies here. I have also learned that there are conservatives in the world that I can come to care about deeply. :-)

And Frodo is also grateful for the love and support he has gotten. Now if only there were virtual bones!

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^^ MIlo here; Jeez, Frodo, get a grip, get a life, find an ankle to nip, join an ultimate frisbee team

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@Milo But janbb seems to think she’s entitled to a job and a life so I spend many hours locked in the kitchen with nothing but my iPad and a mouse!

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That I am not in the same room with a lot of Flutheronians less I get shanked in the back.

Actually lately it has been some demented distractions from other things happening off the cyber world.

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The usual reasons. It made me laugh, I learned something, and the interaction. I had a few PM’s recently that added to the usual enjoyment I have here.

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It is a social outlet for me, also entertainment, keeps my mind sharp, gives fodder for thought, engages my humor, stimulates my intellectual side which is grossly unstimulated by real world peeps these past few years. It is the Folgers in my cup every morning and the Happy Hour of my evenings. :-)

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Nope, you got me there

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Having a place a say goodbye to a friend.

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Once again, what @Mimishu1995 said.

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I am thankful to our awesome mods for restoring my original account.

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Some real sweet jellies make it all worth it & always knowledge. People are really fascinating in relating to others.

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I am thankful to find that @Dog is back. Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@cookieman is that the legendary @Dog people have been talking about?

Nice to meet you @Dog. I’ve been here for a year. Hope we’ll get on well.

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@Dog is a mellow dog, he carries a keg of brandy around his neck and rests in snowbanks. lol

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@Blondesjon I knew that! haha Too late to edit.

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When I moved countries I eventually came “back” to fluther and was so glad to see the familiar “faces” here.

quotation, quotation :P

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You guys help contain my inner demons and release my inhibitions.

Plus, I lay awake at night wondering if there really is an @dog.

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Well the part about the brandy is true….

Great to see you all again too. Hope all has gone well for everyone.

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I just learned privately here that “dandelion” in French is preferably “le pissenlit.” and not that starchy “la dent-de-lion”

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@gailcalled Haha yeah. I always made a word game out of that in French; pisse en lit, as in, pissing in the bed lol.

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^^ My sister, who is presently renting a gîte in Provence is shocked, shocked.

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I hate those darn flowers, anyways. Aren’t they considered weeds?

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The honey bees (an endangered species) here use them as an important source of food and the young, tender leaves are delectable in a salad.They get a bad rap. Their designation as “weed” is arbitrary and and unfair.

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And bears find them delicious.

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” If a hive survives the winter, beekeepers know the bees will be safe from starvation if they can stay alive until dandelions bloom. Dandelion pollen is moderately nutritious and the nectar is abundant. It doesn’t normally produce what we call a ‘surplus’, i.e. enough nectar to produce honey above and beyond what the bees will use for themselves, so you won’t generally see dandelion honey for sale, but it gives the bees a huge boost and adds to the health and wellbeing of the hive.

So a very simple, easy way to help honey bees is to refrain from killing the dandelions in your lawn…

The bees thrive on various weeds in lawns, including clover and plantain (from which they collect pollen). Do you really have to have that perfect, manicured, chemical-laden lawn?” Source?

My bro-in-law raises hnoey bees and has 17 hives sitting here while he is lolling in the south of France. He wants to make sure they will survive the next ten days before he returns home.

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@gailcalled Yeah, I really know nothing about flowers. But every time I smell those, my face gets all red, my eyes water, my throat and inside my ears get itchy. So if I have to walk in a field or somewhere where there are tons of them, this happens and I don’t even do anything except breathe the air.

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You all forget that dandelions make an exceptional wine as well.

pronunciation is directly proportional to consumption.

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@gailcalled Your sisters Chateau made my day, the pictures are worth a thousand words…I only have one word, well okay, 3 words… with envy! haha

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@Dog Welcome back!

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@Coloma: Not a chateau but a cottage, what the French call une gîte. Spend several minutes here to see what some of the other rentals in Provence look like…immersed in fields of lavender, rosemary, flowering fruit trees, wisteria dripping off of arbors, fields of sheep, local farmers’ markets twice a week, wine, cheese, fresh produce and perfect weather.

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