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Are Gibson Les Paul Customs chambered?

Asked by mineown (438points) April 10th, 2014

I know that nowadays the weight relief style used in Les Paul Standards is chambering. Are the customs chambered as well or do they still use the traditional weight-relief style with the 9 drilled holes?

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Since I am a Fender guy….I did find this commentary by a guitarist who was more familiar with your question and perhaps can offer some insight to your question.

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It does help a bit, because it does not mention the custom as one of the chambered models, and the one im looking at is a reissue of the silverburst so it may not be chambered. I appreciate your help, however I am still holding out till I see something that directly says they are not chambered which I have yet to find. Again though I do thank you for the effort and it does contribute to my belief that the one im looking at is in fact what I want so your article did still help me :)

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I don’t have the time but you should be able to find your answer here or post the question there. Good luck

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