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Provided that you haven't seen the jellies you like anywhere other than Fluther, would you be comfortable to meet them in real life?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14748points) April 10th, 2014

Just don’t know if this question has been asked or not. If so, please forgive me for being new here!

I know in this tide pool jellies generally get on well with each other. Some even develop such a close relationship, even thought they haven’t met anywhere other than here. You may sometimes talk to yourself like this: “What a great jelly they must be.”

But imagine one day, you are given a chance to meet the jellies you love in real life for some time, would you take that chance? And do you think the other jellies would be comfortable to meet you? Do you fear the image of you as a good jelly will be shattered and vice versa, the image of the jellies you love will be shattered?

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A few of them yes, but can’t name names. :-)

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I have met some in real life and I have also met some over the phone. In all cases, I have been more than happy and impressed and honored to meet these people. They are as wonderful in real life as they are on Fluther.

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If the opportunity arose, there are plenty of Jellies that I would like to meet in person. The closest I’ve come is a quick phone call exchange with @Coloma, and that was a bit of a thrill. I’ve talked to a few others about meeting, but alas, it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

If a fellow member wants to maintain the anonymity, it is perfectly understandable.

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Yes there are a couple I’d love to meet. :) I was supposed to meet one here in the UK, but I guess I’ve not been up to it much.

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One Jelly lived in the same city as me and I wish we would have had a chance to meet. We never made it happen. One got in touch with me when he was visiting where I lived and that weekend was impossible for me. In my new city I have a couple jellies around me, I think I will meet one of them one day.

There are several jellies I would love to meet. Hell, I would love if they were my neighbors. That is assuming they are in real life as they are online.

Probably we should get a mansion and make a party.

Edit: I just realized that jelly who lived near me in Memphis is on this Q.

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I met one just a month ago who was visiting the Bay Area from back east. We had a nice lunch together. There are others I’d like to meet; one lived in the next town until he retired in February and moved up to the Gold Country.

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Although there are many folk here that sound just wonderful, I think I will maintain my distance.

You guys are like a fantasy to me, don’t ruin it with reality

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I like most of the people I see on here, and would love to meet them, but I fear they will expect to see Butters.

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I’ve gone camping with two former Jellies before.

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I’m no fool. I saw spy kids three, and what the nerd boys looked like when their real identities were revealed. I think though, I would enjoy meeting some of the jellies I’ve encountered. I have no desire to be intrusive. I would not persist in asking if someone did not desire to meet me. I would like to sit in a fishpond with @Mimishu1995’ having tea and chocolates while fish kiss us, talking about what’s doing in school these days, I would like to have @Coloma, help me plant green babies, and feed my squirrels and turkeys together. I would like to spend an afternoon with @dutchess III while her grandkids are visiting, perhaps with my daughter along, because she’s never spent any time with small children, except when she was one. I would like to have lunch with @Pachy, and hear about his newspaper days. I would be intrigued to meet @ragingloli, though I don’t know where. I would be scared to be with loli at the zoo (yikes), and I get the feeling pizza would be wrong. Maybe a chess game in the park? I would like to take @ibstubro bargain shopping, and maybe stop for frozen yogurt. OrrrrrrrRRrrrrrRr, maybe just a big jelly picnic in some huge, beautiful park, for anyone who wishes to attend.
If I ever get to be that frequently mentioned hypothetical billionaire, I would rent an estate for a month where jellies could visit for a day, or stay for the entire month, whatever suits the individual.

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Only two, the rest of you, well…#restrainingorder :D

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@Jonesn4burgers …talking about what’s doing in school these days

Or suffering from my monologue about film noir? ~

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I have off-Fluther but still-online friendships with several Jellies. Some of them I Skype with and mail things to back and forth. Haven’t had the chance to meet any “in person”, but it’s just a matter of time, really.

For the ones I haven’t had the opportunity to meet online yet off-Fluther, I’d love to hang out with Loli, because they are just the kind of twisted I adore. And @hominid is cool as hell. And @ucme owes me a beer, I’m certain of it.

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Oh yes – I have already met several and there are several more I would like to meet. All have been wonderful. And one whom I’d like to jump in his arms when we do meet.

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Maybe fifteen jellies. I’m much cooler in person than here. I’d have a pint with @ucme and laugh all night I’m sure.

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I would enjoy meeting a Jelly or two.

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@Cruiser Bring the Pringles. lol
@Jonesn4burgers When I had my 5 acres I thought it would be fun to hostess a jelly camp out, hypothetical billionaire moment yes. haha
Yes, I’d say there are about 10 Jellies I’d like to meet.

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@Mimishu1995, you could monologue film noir, I would listen, I listen well, but don’t expect me to join in the conversation with anything interesting to share, it isn’t my topic. I would still get a kick out of chatting with you.
@ucme you would take out a restraining order rather than meet me? I would never force anyone to meet me, but I’m sorta hurt you feel that way.
There are lots of jellies I did not mention who I would enjoy meeting. I had a rough day yesterday, and when I first answered this question I was exhausted and keeping it short.

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To those who dropped my name in there, in truth, there are probably half a dozen or so that i’d have a drink or three with. There are a couple of jellies that I properly like though, but that’s only because they appear to have outstanding titties :D
As for the restraining orders…“you’re well within 500yds counsellor”

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Met one but we actually started talking months before on a dating site and actually my first question was about this jelly and to my surprise he was not only on this site but also answered it. Here I thought I was just asking a question out in space and low and behold the very person it was about appeared and I just couldn’t believe it.

There are a few more I wouldn’t mine meeting one day and others that live in MA that I wonder if i’ve bumped into and didn’t know it.

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If you’re ever in the Tampa area just let me know.

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@JLeslie, Memphis? I visited there for the first time about three years ago. My daughter and I had set up a rather exhausting trip with many stops and things to see. I’m afraid we had to skip things we’d planned in Memphis. We had a swell trolley driver who picked us up when we first got off the train into town. We later realized he was on the cover of the visitor’s guide we were using. We sat at one of the trolley stops and waited as three or four went by. They thought I was being left at the stop because of my wheelchair or something. One was going to call a supervisor. I explained we were waiting for a particular driver, and why. They spread the word, but not to him. Finally we got our guy, and my daughter asked him if indeed the guy on the guide was him. He looked and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” She asked if he would autograph it for us. He flipped. He couldn’t believe he was being asked. I told him that to my daughter and I, a star is someone who does their job well, stands out as a swell person, and makes life more memorable. When we got to town, he gave us directions, and helpful tips, and was very kind, and didn’t treat us badly because of the inconvenience my chair causes with public transportation. We told him we honestly wanted his autograph. He cheerfully gave it, and then bragged to the people he knew waiting at all the other stops. Some of the drivers saw me on board as they passed the other way, and gave him a point and a grin. He was so excited. My daughter still keeps that guide.
She was absolutely wild about Mud Island. The area getting to the entrance of Mud Island SUCKS for wheelchairs. We had to get help from kind passers by (and in Memphis there are LOTS) to help us get my chair into the place where we could catch an elevator. FINALLY we were on our way. Right. My daughter had to push my chair across like half a mile long walkway. THEN we get across, and still a lot is unfriendly for wheelchairs. She had great fun though, splashing around in the scale model of the Mississippi River. At the end, where it opens into the Gulf of Mexico, my daughter caught little, tiny, black tadpoles. She grew up in the desert environment of Nevada, so this was quite the experience for her. I was sitting in the shade, snapping pictures of everything. She kept running between her tadpole spot and me to share her wealth. She found some very tiny snails too.
She wanted to get in one of the little boats, but I could not get in/out and she couldn’t swim. The water was at least six feet deep. The next day we came back. I was a bit better prepaired. We got the full experience tickets, which included tram ride over and back. There were more visitors the second day. I let her ride a boat by herself. I hoped with knots in my gut that there would be no mishap, but that if she should somehow tumble, or get stranded, someone would be capable of helping her.
She rode about gleefully. When her time was about up, some guy from Memphis approached me, and introduced himself. He said his little boy was somewhat taken with my little girl, and that if she was willing to occupy one of the boats with his son, he’d pay for it. She was so inclined. The little boy had big sisters on another boat, and they teased him relentlessly. All had fun, and all ended gloriously friendly. We got back to our motel soooooo exhausted!
I just HAD to share the story. I don’t mind if no-one reads it, but it’s here for anyone who was bored and needed a story.

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@Jonesn4burgers TLDR until “She asked if he would autograph it for us.” ~

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What does TLDR mean?

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@Jonesn4burgers Too Long, Didn’t Read

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I invite no-one to read the above unless they just want a pleasant bedtime story.

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@Jonesn4burgers Learned that abbreviation from some jellies in one modded thread I participated in :p

And just kidding. I’m still reeeeeeeeeading…

Anyway, read or not, I lurve you for taking time and effort to craft something so incredible :D

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@Jonesn4burgers The museum on mud island is great. I love the section where you go on the showboat. I assume you walked throught the museum and not just along the river replica outside.

I once did a flat Stanley project for the daughter of a friend of mine. I went around Memphis taking photos of her Stanley with the ducks at the Peabody and with my Zumba teacher, and when I went to take a photo in front of a trolley I waited for a trolley to stop to take the photo. The driver saw me and he came over to the door and told me he would pose with Stanley. I took a great shot of the trolley with the driver with a big smile holding Stanley.

Memphis has a lot of great tourist things. Many great museums (Sun Studios, Pink Palace, The Dixon art museum, The Civil Rights museum which is housed in the motel Martin Luther King was shot and killed in, and many more) the zoo is very good for a city that size, and we can’t forget Graceland, many many things.

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@JLeslie Oh I agree there are many things to love in Memphis. We had a great time. We did go to the museum the second day when we got the all inclusive tickets. My chair wouldn’t fit some places though, and mostly the ship was my daughter’s adventure while I took photos from alongside. I wish I hadn’t gotten too fatigued to see the other sights we’d planned.
Aren’t those trollet operators the sweetest?
We did visit the Arcade, and my daughter ordered pancake. It came shaped like Mickey Mouse, and she loved that. We ate there twice. Mostly my daughter loved the accent. My daughter has heard all sorts on tv and in movies, but it got real for her when we got to Memphis. I told her ahead that people would really speak that way. After the waitress took our order, she whispered to me, “She talked just like you said!”
We didn’t go to see the ducks. My daughter was miffed that I couldn’t afford to stay at the Peabody and pay for her to take the walk.
Sigh. It was fun though, all the rest.

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You don’t need to stay at the Peabody to see the ducks. Next time maybe. I’m glad you had a good time there. There are some great things about Memphis and some not so great. Since it is an older city I guess some of the buildings are tough regarding wheelchair accessibility.

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I would.

Some Jellies, I seem to know more of then some of my best friends.

Most seem great people and even those that rub me the wrong way, make me curious on who they are in real life.

I have one Jelly on my facebook and she seems a great person. She’d be welcome anyday, anytime.

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I think getting together with other Jellies would definitely be fun.

I expect to be on Fluther until my demise or until Fluther’s demise, whichever comes first. A backup plan is being friends with Jellies on FB, so that in case anything ever happens with Fluther, a bunch of us can still keep in touch.

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Some of em yeah, that would be cool. There are people here I consider friends, at least online friends, but it would be cool to meet them.

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@Symbeline No orgies…lol

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Oh, well never mind then…XD

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@Symbeline Jelly Jello wrestling?

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That works. It will be kind of like an orgy.

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Naked trampolining?

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Boi oi oi oi oing.


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The world championships are held in prague, but they’re very underfunded…the czechs bounce.

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@ucme LOL! That must be because their money is in the Pole Vault!

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