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What are your first questions and answers?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14652points) April 11th, 2014

Can you link to your first questions and answers? It would be nice to see how you used this site when you first joined, and see how you changed until now.

I’m not afraid. I’ll go first. These are my first questions. And one two three four five six, here come the first answers army!

When I look at those, I don’t even believe they’re mine. I’ve changed too much after a year…

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Fir me finding my first question was the easiest. because I have just asked tow questions since the day I joined. So here goes my first Question, Regarding my answers, apart from reply to questions giving a warm welcome for the Askville refugees ,my first answer to a question was this.

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@Smitha You have changed too :)

And @Brian1946, you are still who you were :D

Apart from the fact that your answer link didn’t work.

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Thanks @Mimishu1995 I must admit even you’ve come a long way! Thanks for posting such a nice question, I could look back and read some of my old responses.

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Can’t be bothered to find the link, but my first action on a Q&A site was to answer a question on AnswerBag asking why Pentecostal girls don’t cut their hair.

I found it while Googling church-appropriate hairstyles.

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This was my first question. My first answers were the same then as they are now.

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Oh dear sweet Science…

This was one of my first Answerbag questions.

Look at the little Fundie Seek starting to question Biblical literalness.

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My first question
and it would take most of the day to scroll down to my first answer.

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My first question (part of the beta) was:

“Why do some guys leave the seat up?”

Out of 17 responses, 8 (47%) of them were from me. It was early days and I was learning my way. But it was my first time and I was nervous.

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First question and my first answer was my first answer on my first question. It’s pretty cool that I mentioned becoming a paralegal three years ago, sort of abandoned that idea until I graduated from college this past December, and now I’m a legal assistant. :)

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I’ve really no idea & can’t be bothered to look it up, but I haven’t changed from the moment I landed here, what uc is what you get…me :)

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First Question: September 7, 2007.

First Answer: July 15, 2007

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@Espiritus_Corvus – Crazy, innit?

Oh, I had to answer your first question, because I’m nothing if not contrary. ^_^

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@ucme I can be bothered, and I’m bored at work. Your first question and your first answer.

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@livelaughlove21 A politician question, ease myself in gently then.

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Mine was asking for creative small biz. ideas…but the best was “Help, my trash can in full of maggots! Haha
No time to link it now.

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Phew! That did take most of the day….1095 pages to wade through to get to my first answer no surprise I got no great aswers!

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@Cruiser – That thread brought up some Jellies I haven’t seen in ages… always so sad.

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@Seek Lol dude, you found your first AB question, nice.

So here’s my first Fluther question.

Xena Warrior Princess.

Don’t know how much I changed, but in between that question and now, I eventually got all seasons of Xena on DVD box sets, so no more cable or satellite TV for me. :D Man, 1800 channels and the only thing I could find to watch was something I had all seen years ago haha.

@Mimishu1995 Lol nice, folder naming question. XD

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My first question Apparently asked about the time Hurricane Ike hit Texas.

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I can’t find mine, since I was under another name ‘Shippy’ at the time. I asked a question on Bipolar. I was very isolated and very depressed. The kindness I received here really made a difference to my life in general.

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My first question Thanks for the opportunity to revisit my early questions @Mimishu1995

My first answer Wow, that took some scrolling through to find!

@LornaLove when you mention the name Shippy I’m not sure whether I recognise the name from here or from a film I saw about Ernest Shackleton, one of the crew had the nickname Shippy?

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Here’s my first answer.

Here’s my first question.

I haven’t changed much since I joined 4 years ago. I post a bit less now because I’ve had 2 children since then and a lot going on at home (work, school, etc).

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First question. I ended up living & working in & near NYC for five years and never came to enjoy it. Just too expensive and miserable to travel through.

First answer.

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It’s nice to know jellies like @Smitha, @hearkat, @chyna, @Adagio, @Symbeline, @Coloma have changed since their first questions/answers :D Dr. Jelly has helped us mature a little, right ;)

@gailcalled Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. I used to fuck up a question of mine the same way you did because I was just too impatient for the rightful answer :P

@LornaLove How about your first question/answer with the current username?

@Coloma Reminds me of someone on Yahoo! Answer :D

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@Mimishu1995: I did not say that I “fucked up” that question, which I considered and still consider a reasonable one. I said that I responded too many times.

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@gailcalled Fuck up is just my mindless word for “respond too many times and don’t give a shit what the others respond” :p

And I never said you “fucked up”, I said I fucked up, which meant I was even worse than you :D

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Gail said fu…DARN. I can’t swear until the 20th…but Gail can?? This is torture. lol

@Mimishu1995 No way maaaan, I didn’t change, YOU changed! ’‘points at you’’

I mean…sup.

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@Mimishu1995 I don’t think I’ve changed.

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My first question was on science and beer.

I cannot remember what my first answers were….. honestly.

Have I changed? Yes quite a lot. There were times when I was impulsive and foolish. (Not saying I won’t slip into old habits again….but I have since graduated from obedience class and am far less likely to pee on the rug.)

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@Dog Yeah, I can hardly recognize the legendary @Dog when I click on your question :)

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Here are my :first, second and third answers. This was my first question.

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