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How do you return the cursor to continue composing a fluther answer when you're using an iPhone and you're and you're at the very bottom of the fluther answer box?

Asked by Standswithacane (433points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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It’s a bug, I get that too. I click “Answer,” then immediately come back and edit my response and I’m able to get at the last line.

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Me too PnT. By the way PnT, that used to be a food joint, right?

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It is indeed a bug; best advice I can suggest is to do a new post, and type “Edit:” and then insert your corrections there; we’ll understand :)

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its annoying as all hell isn’t it? It happens to me all the time, I have tried everything but nothing has worked, so now I just delete everything to where I messed up and start all over again….. Or I go back and hit the edit button after and fix it that way

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Another tactic is to create a few blank lines (like three) beneath your composition. So hit [ret] [ret] [ret] and then go back to the body of whatever you are writing.

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Oh thank God, I thought I was alone. Pupn is right though. Seems the only way out of it is to submit and then immediately edit the answer.

Although as usual kevbo also has a good idea. I’m off to try it.

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does it always work for you kevbo? Because I have only been able to fix it that way on rare occasions..

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I can’t recall it not working, unless the window just freezes. My main problem has been trying to edit the bottom line, but if the bottom line is a buffer of blank lines, then I don’t have to worry about it. It’s hard to remember to do, though. More often than not, I just start typing.

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I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work kevbo. If you fill the whole box with text and then go back to correct a spelling elsewhere, there is no way to get back to the bottom line again. Well, without having to re-write half your comment.

I was all excited there and all. I did a premature happy dance and all.

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I think I misspoke. Type a little bit of text, then do the returns, then go back to your text. It does work. I promise.

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Any chance you could pop over to my place and show me, cause I ain’t getting it.

I feel sad now

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An aggravating little glitch it can be. Thanks for the info.

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I would have asked this question but I am so agravated when I want to ask it. Thanks.

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