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How many hours do you work in a week?

Asked by Cruiser (40398points) April 11th, 2014

I put in 50 hrs a week at the office and probably another 5–7 at home on the computer. After reading this article on how workers in Denmark work no more than 37 hrs a week and get 6 weeks of vacation a year and appear to be happier and one of the most productive nations in the world….I am seriously re-thinking my work pace and schedule.

How hard and long do you work and how many days or weeks of vaca do you take?

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I also do around 50 hrs/wk, but it can increase to 70 hrs/wk occasionally during deadlines.
I have been at this job for almost 10 years, so I have 4 weeks of paid vacation. I take most of it throughout the year to cover school vacations.

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Generally I work a 55 hour week. I have three weeks of holiday allowance.

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40+ I usually take small vacations and take days with holidays to stretch it out. I switched to 4 ten hour days and this gives me enough time to recharge and have a little fun too.

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35 hours paid. I get an hour per day lunch but I usually don’t go out. I may sit in the conference room for an hour or I may sit at my desk and surf the net for the hour. Now that the weather is nice, I expect I’ll be going out more.

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Um. I really don’t consider it work, but other people might. From dawn to dusk I tend goats, sheep, chickens, an incorrigable burro named Betsy, various orchards and some sugar cane with my side-kick, a border collie named Sam. I milk the goats and make cheese, and collect and trade with the eggs in town. I usually break for a couple of hours after lunch, a kind of siesta, then go back out around three, back for good around dark. 12 hours a day? I’m really not what you would call working the whole time. It’s seven days a week, unless I get called away. Then I have a brother-sister team from the village watch over the place.

I look in on my boat and do repairs weekly while on trips to town. I keep her Portsmouth; ready to go at any time. I captain out now and then for hard currency, munny in me parse. I just got back from a week-long trip on an old trawler. We towed a seventy-foot wooden hull from Barbados to St. Lucia. I was First Mate on that one, in charge of the hull. It got a liitle hairy, but the pay was good. The last 72 hours on that job involved very little sleep, constant supervision due to a storm. Normally, most watches are about 12 hours, but I love the work, so, I dunno. The pay is good.

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I generally do 40–45 hours a week, but I only have a four-day workweek. Taking work home with me is impossible; even if I had the equipment, ITAR regulations are such that when I’m not at work, I am not working, period.

As for vacation…. I’ve never taken one. I wind up using vacation time for stuff like doctor’s appointments.

@ARE_you_kidding_me Working four tens rocks compared to five eights, doesn’t it?

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Ugh. I don’t really know. I work from home for myself, so the hours are really blurred. Most days my work day starts at 5 am, and winds down by 5 pm. But I don’t work twelve solid hours, by any means. As for vacation, what is this foreign thing you speak of??

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I average 53, but I don’t get OT pay. (Before I went into management, I worked 7 on, 7 off. That 80 hour week was killer, but having a week off at a time rocked.)

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I get 4 weeks of vacation, plus 5 days of personal time, plus 12 days sick plus 12 holidays, annually.

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The Four Hour Work Week

Not quite there yet, but close….

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I currently work 32–38 hours per week. There was a time with this employer that I was exceeding 40 hours weekly – the overtime pay was great, but the stress was too much, so I cut my schedule back to 4 days per week. Time and sanity are far more important to me than cash.

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Being self employed the hours depend on two factors…
1) I have enough money so why bother
2) Stop being so shallow & get off your bottom

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If I take a full week of an assignment I work 5×7.5 hour days (37.5 hours is a full week here) Then, I am a single mom of one very boisterous 9 year and have occasional weekends when I take my step son as well. (Like this weekend) So, there is a bit of work because my step son has autism, he takes a bit of extra looking after. The kids have all next week off school, so there won’t be any ‘vacation’ for me. Their father has a new girlfriend and hasn’t even checked in at all this week, so I have made plans with the kids that don’t include him.
Even single mothers are expected to take at least two weeks vacation in July. Last year, Littleman and I didn’t go any further than the local beach, but we might do something more interesting this year. I will have a decent bit of vacation pay and my tax refund is expected then as well.
Our minimum paid days of vacation is 21 but it works like this: 21 working days (lots of companies as well as public sector gives 25) plus 5–12 Public holidays in Norway (some of which always fall on a Sunday) (Holidays not paid, but companies are required to save 10,6% of salary, which is paid out in June)

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40 hours at my regular job (I’m hourly, and they do NOT pay overtime). For my organist/choir director job, I’m there about 4.5 hours on Sunday, 2.5 hours for rehearsals on Tuesday nights, and then generally practice between 2–4 hours a week.

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40 hours per week.

As a newbie, I only get 12.5 days of vacation/personal time along with 10 holidays annually.

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I am retired now, but when I was working I was an overtime whore. I worked 60 hours a week steadily for 12 years. During Firestorm I logged 124 hours in one week. THAT is a ton!

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I work for a UK university. I am contracted to work 36.5 hours a day. I actually work 37.5 hours a week and those extra hours that I work are given back to me as TOIL (time off in lieu) and it works out that I get 6 days TOIL (that’s the benefit of a unionised workforce…). I also get 28 days annual leave and 6 public holidays. I have to take some of my holiday at Christmas when we are closed, and the public holidays are fixed also. Otherwise I take annual leave when I like, although it is prefered that we take leave during the university vacations. I rarely have to work late but would get the time back – it would get added to my TOIL totals.

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I work at my job anywhere from 38.5 to 40 hours per week. If we include housework, I’m not sure. Never added it up. Whatever it is, it’s not burdensome.

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I’m self employed and I don’t like working much more than 60 hours a month.

When I was young I think I sometimes approached clocking 100 hours in a week. “If they’re payin, I’m stayin’!” Never carried a debt more than 5 years…house, car, rental buildings.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I am very envious of the people I know who can get the 4 ten hour days a week gig…good for you!

@Espiritus_Corvus Thanks for reminding me there are the callused souls like you who make the agricultural world work that we all so depend on. Sounds almost fun instead of work. As much effort as it takes, I never think of being in my garden as work.

@jerv ITAR regulations!?! O_O I can see why they won’t want you to bring that home!

@GoldieAV16 This vacation thing I speak of is apparently a tradition that forces employees not to work and still get paid only foreign countries like Denmark and Norway partake in.

@SquirrelEStuff With the amount of time I spend here at Fluther I guess I could have written that book.

Crap @filmfann!! That is almost 18 hours a day on a 7 day work week! You had to be spent at the end of that week!

Very interesting to see how us Jellies work to pay the bills. Thanks for the answers gang!

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Two years ago, I was working seventy hours a week between two jobs with only two weeks vacation.

Now I work 35 hours a week with five weeks vacation.


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I work roughly between 37–42 hours a week split between two part time jobs one paying 8.50/hr whilst the other pays 13/hr and I’m looking at trying to get more hours or another job on top of what I have. Admittingly a bit tough with school but I’m still young enough to have excess life that needs to be sucked out of me. lol

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40 paid, 4 or so unpaid. 4 weeks vacation (I’m on one now actually.)

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Self employed 35 years and don’t consider it work so much. More like staying busy. I always keep busy. I’m amazed some times. Haven’t shown a portfolio to anyone in more than a decade. But the jobs keep coming in and I have to turn work away to other photographers and designers.

Life is really great.

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Full-time in the UK is usually 37–40 hours but I do only 4 days a week and work 30. And because vacation time is counted in days rather than weeks I get more than 5 weeks a year. They’d have to pay me a LOT to get me to work that extra day.

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I work 37.5 hours a week and get 25 days annual leave, or five weeks a year.

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I forgot to mention that I get 168 hours of paid time off.

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@tedibear Nice! ((knuckles))

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I work 36–60 hours per week. We work 3 12 hour shifts for full time status and then I pick up 1–2 overtime shifts a week depending on what’s going on at home. Some weeks I don’t pick up any overtime. For vacation time, we get PTO which we can use for anything. Currently I get 12 shifts a year, which is 4 weeks off based on only working 3 days a week. My PTO accrual goes up this summer.

Starting this summer, I’ll be going to Nurse Practitioner school full time in addition to working full time, so my hours spent working will be changing.

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@Cruiser One other benefit is that I’m either not working, or I’m getting paid. Business isn’t charity, so I don’t donate my time. The only time I work is time that I’m fairly compensated for at fair market value.

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@Espiritus_Corvus What a wonderfully delightful life you lead : ^)

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