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When Humanity's first warp capable starship is completed, what should its name be?

Asked by ragingloli (41619points) April 11th, 2014

Enterprise, after the famous ships of Kirk and Picard, or Phoenix, after Zefram Cochrane’s Warp-1 ship?
And which Star Trek intro theme should be played?

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USS Enterp____________

or maybe the “Speedy Gonzales”

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Skywinger and I prefer the music from the first Star Trek movie. Though, the Star Wars Imperial March would be awesome.

Skywinger is one of my daughter Skyler’s nicknames. She pops her shoulder blades out like angel wings and can make them flap.

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The Kobayashi Maru, because you know they’re going to fuck something up.

And anything but the godawful vocalised version of the TOS theme song.

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Event Horizon >.>

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It should be named after the inventor of the warp drive. He deserves it—whatever his name is.

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@Kropotkin He already has a unit named after him.

The Heart of Gold.

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The Raging Loli!

Better than “Yet Another Warp Drive”!

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The Destroyer

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The Potemkin

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The Event Horizon

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Call it Oedipus since it will be a complex machine.

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I.S.S. Gene Roddenberry

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What’s the difference between “warp drive” (ST TNG) and “jump to light speed” (SW BSG)?

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Ron ObamaPaul Pitt.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – Battlestar Galactica they plan the “jump” ahead of time, and literally kind of “blink” from point A to point B – no experience of time during the jump. They cannot travel for extended periods of time at FTL speeds.

In Trek, they experience travel time and are not limited to hopping from lillypad to lillypad across the pond, as it were.

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^ Edited.

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Owned by China.

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Alpha Omega.

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Star Horizon.

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The Indestructible II

(What happened to the Indestructible I? Don’t ask!)

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The Titanic. Or the QEII

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