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Anyone willing to participate in a research study I'm conducting?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) April 11th, 2014

I need to do a research project for school, so I decided to do a study to determine if certain tones can affect mental states.

The study is structured in a way that participants fill out a short survey, listen to a 7 minute clip and then fill out the same survey again.

I’ve been conducting the survey on campus as well, but, I’m getting results from people age 18–23 in just my area so I thought it’d make a much more convincing study if I could get a wider demographic of people.

To participate the only thing you would be required to have is a pair of headphones capable of playing a different tone in each ear(most headphones do this, but if you’re unsure we can test them to find out.)

If anyone is interested please send me a PM with your email information and I will send you the appropriate files.

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