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Wouldn’t you think that near all of the questions asked in social are de facto or quasi polling question?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26780points) April 11th, 2014

When a question is asked in social and if it cannot be Googled or found in a search engine, it is a de facto or quasi polling question. Would not a polling question be to gather opinion? To ask ”What is the best way to make a piaya?”, you are asking someone of their opinion. You can find maybe a dozen piaya recipes, but unless you try them all and come to your own conclusion, and ask a group of people, you seek their input and opinion, which has polling affects if not an actually polling affect. Be it how many people wear condoms when doing sex, how many people swallow while performing oral sex, the best tires for snow, etc. it is asked because it is not a question that can be easily Googled. If you are asking the opinions of others, to determine by number which most prefer or just go gain information on who like what, how is that totally devoid of polling?

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How did an question about question asking become an opportunity to discuss barebacking and jizz gobbling?

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@bolwerk How did an question about question asking become an opportunity to discuss barebacking and jizz gobbling?
It didn’t. It is part of the byproduct of polling, especially because many more questions are asked about sex and not piayas; and they are nearly all polling questions. You might be able to find out there somewhere how many women swallow a man’s seed after fellatio, but it is easier to poll someone; which is about the only way you would know which anal toys were best because unless you tried them all, you would have to go with what people like best. I am sure people have the same wondering about milkshakes, rib eye steak, and other things, but that is only when they are not thinking of sex.

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I make almost all my questions social because I don’t want the answers to be over modded.

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Well not really, as when you present a poll, you give predetermined choices, so people have to pick those. (they have that feature on most forums, and AB has it as well)
Most of these polls encourage the option of other in which your choice must be explained slightly should it not match the given poll options.
As far as opinion questions go, I guess you’re kind of right, only take out every other option, and just leave the other up. XD

But nah, a lot of stuff in social also asks for experience, which has nothing to do with polls. It is much too varied to say that nearly all questions in social might be all poll like questions.

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@JLeslie I make almost all my questions social because I don’t want the answers to be over modded.
If people stuck to the gist and spirit of your question and not try to take where they wanted to, you could have a question in General and have the mods leave it alone.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I usually like when the answers drift a little. I feel like I learn things I did not expect and the answers tend to be more fun for me.

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It’s spelled Paella. Don’t demean a gift from the gods by butchering it’s name. Next time you order it, have the cook blend in a dash of pastis and a little fennel and you’ll have more respect, young man.

~and that is precisely what social is for. Dig the drift, go with the flow.

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Is this a poll question?

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if polled about this question, I would say that you mean, ”Aren’t nearly all quesions asked..”.

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@chyna Is this a poll question?
It is a de fact facto polling question, I could not avoid it.

@gailcalled You can grammatically interpret it how you wish, I know what I mean and how I meant it, beside that point, do you have anything to add on the context of the question, or shall we spend the next 15 entries back in high school going over how to say something? That is not a polling question because an exact answer can be extrapolated. 8-P

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Check Fluther guidelines for standard usage.

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@Espiritus_Corvus If you have any good veggie paella recipes involving broccoli, cauliflower, and the like, I am all ears. I’ve been perusing recipes for it all week and can’t wait to make it.

Obviously I’m like @JLeslie and prefer for my threads to drift.

But to answer the OP, if I even understand the question, no, I do not think nearly all social questions isn’t polling (?).
Looking through the questions, most are opinion questions. And opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. It would be impossible to format the results of a poll when there are so many varied answers.

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