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How to view a mobile youtube link from my phone on computer?

Asked by Aristeia (19points) April 12th, 2014

I bookmarked a youtube video on my phone (blackberry device) and I can’t seem to access it via my computer.


That’s the bookmark from my phone. I don’t know who the singer is and I can’t access any information about the video from the way the video is playing in my phone for some reason, e.g., to see comments or the title. The video is 4:49 long.

Can someone help? Thanks!

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I’m not sure whether this will be different on a Blackberry device, but on my iOS devices, when there is a YouTube video – even if it’s embedded on another page, there is usually the “share” icon (a < with bulbs at the ends), and if I click/tap on that, I will get the legit, shortened YouTube link.

I’m not tech-savvy enough to know why the link you give starts with rstp, as opposed to http. From where did you link into the video? Can you go to that page on your computer and link to it from there?

I’ve tried posting portions of your URL in my browser with no success. YouTube does not seem to allow searching videos by length. Hopefully you’ll see the “share” icon on your phone and get a valid link that way.

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Regarding your answer:

Thanks! So, I tried all the different shared methods but all yielded the same weird link. The only difference was there was a share as “barcode” which I did but scanning the barcode into my phone only results in the same exact link.

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Well, this is beyond me; but another puzzling thing is that your reply to me has the header “Regarding your answer:” which is what posts in a Private Message (PM) after one hits the “Thank username” below their reply on your question. I’m not sure how you’ve managed to post it here.

Did it take you to my profile page and then you copied and pasted it to the thread? Or did the link not take you to my profile page? Were you accessing Fluther from your mobile or your computer?

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You will need an application installed on your PC with the ability to handle RTSP links. This article has thorough explanation of the possible solutions. I hope this helps.

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