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Are there some movies you refuse to even watch because of the actor(s) in them?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) April 13th, 2014

Steven Seaqal. Nothin’ but violence and blowing shit up and no plot.

Jack Nicholson is kind of iffy for me. He got so dark after The Shining I just didn’t like watching his stuff any more…but The Bucket List has merit. But it also has Morgan Freeman in it, which can redeem any move in my mind.

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Anything with Nicholas Cage (apart from Kick Ass).

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Mel “AntiJew” Gibson comes to mind.
And of course Adam ‘Hackfraud Conman’ Sandler.
And last and maybe least, Cunt Eastwood.

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I agree with Raggie. Adam Sandler tops that list too. But Mel Gibson is at the bottom. I’d at least give it a gander before I made my decision.

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You are wrong about Jack Nicholson. Watch “Chinatown”.
And Mel Gibson is terrific in so many movies, regardless of his runaway mouth and beliefs.

I avoid almost all movies with John Travolta, Nick Cage, and Burt Reynolds. That said, Pulp Fiction and Wild at Heart are terrific. Paternity is fair as a comedy.

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Anything with Mel Gibson is off my list. Drunk anti-semite.

Anything new with Tom Cruise is off my list – he’s a wacko scientologist who treated his wife and daughter like shit. He’s off his rocker.

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I’ll go with @ragingloli‘s picks and add Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck and Will Ferrell (except I loved Blades of Glory).

@Dutchess_III Give Jack Nicholson another try with a wonderful romantic comedy called Something’s Gotta Give

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Mel Gibson.
Steven Segall.
Adam Sandler.
Jim Carrey.

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@Kardamom I agree about Tom Cruise and Will Ferrill. I don’t understand why people enjoy them so much.
That said, Cruise was pretty good in “Minority Report” and “War of the Worlds”, and Ferrill does a terrific W.

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I’m not saying that Nicholson has always been bad. I loved One Flew Over the Cuckooo’s Nest and Chinatown, but both of those were in the 70’s. It’s just that after The Shining, in 1980, he just played such ugly, dark parts.

Nick Cage was so awesome in Guarding Tess. But other than that, I agree. I don’t really like him. He’s so one dimensional.

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Mel Gibson
Adam Sandler
Jim Carrey

Try to avoid Renee Zellwigger if I can.

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Definitely Nicholas Cage; Tom Cruise annoys me the most because I can’t stand him, but he chooses interesting movies. Sylvester Stallone is a huge “No” for me. That chick who played Vesper in Casino Royale (she’s currently in the 300 or whatever it’s titled) gets on my nerves because the way she moves her mouth when she talks. Zooey Deschanelis pretty, but she’s as flat as Nick Cage – ugh.

Mel Gibson was a favorite until he went batshit – Gallipoli is still my favorite movie ever.

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Speaking of flat affect, I’ve never found Julianne Moore to have much to offer.

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I forgot about Leonardo DiCaprio. He just seems smug all the time.

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@Kardamom Agree – although I will watch some things he is in.

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Keira Knightley. I’ve never had such a bad response to an actress. I thought it was just me irritated by her fake pout and posing. Until one whole movie of it got peoples knickers in a knot. I can’t even type this, she annoys me so much.

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Ugh, Nicholas Cage for sure. Toby McGuire doesn’t appeal to me, but his movies, despite him, are good ones. I tend to avoid seeing them.
Will Smith has been going down hill. I used to really like him. Same as some of you feel about Leo Decaprio, whom I feel is an excellent actor.
Sandra Bullock
Lindsay Lohan

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Katherine Heigl

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Anything with Jim Carrey in it…..ditto Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Rock. There are probably a couple of others as well, but I can’t think of them – possibly because they’re so bad I’ve completely removed all thoughts of them from my mind.

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SANDRA BULLOCK @GloPro???? Nooo! she’s awesome!

Jim Carrey gets on my very last nerve.

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Not a fan of Jim Carrey, but he was great in Man on the Moon. Just sayin’.

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@TheRealOldHippie Yes! Leonardo looks like an overgrown baby to me?

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To name only a few… Sacha Cohen (except in “Hugo”); Paris Hilton (including her pornos), Vin Diesel, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and any talk show host who’s ever done a movie, including Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno.

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@Pachy What? You won’t watch High Fidelity??

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How can you not like Sacha Baron Cohen?!
I think you are just mad because seeing him naked on top of his fat producer aroused you.

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Hey, guys, @Dutchess_III, didn’t ask us explain why we refuse to watch certain actors, right? Bet I can name dozens of actors I love but you couldn’t stand.

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@Dutchess_III Sandra’s voice drives me up a wall. Her movies seem to all be the same.

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There was a time that when Brad Pitt was in a movie, he would have his ‘look cute into the camera moment’ I avoided him in that time.

Now I will go with ragingloli’s list plus some of the add ons.

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I don’t think there are any. I mean you guys have all named a lot of shitty actors that I don’t like but for almost all of them I can think of a pretty good movie that they’re in, that I would consider worth watching.

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^^^ Yes, if you knew the movie ahead of time. Yesterday “Executive Decision” came on. Rick had seen it before, said it was good. The main star was Kurt Russel (yay) but one of the first shots showed Steven Seagul (boo). Rick quickly assured me that Steven Seagul got killed off pretty quickly (yay). It was an OK movie, actually. I like Kurt Russel, except every time I see him I can’t help but remember that scrawny kid in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

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@Pachy I’m just saying that I think you’d like High Fidelity. It’s a terrific film. I’m not disapproving of your dislike of Jack Black.

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@Dutchess_III I still think of Kurt Russell as the jungle boy kid on Gilligan’s Island

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That’s right @Kardamom! I can see that clear as a bell in my head, and I haven’t even looked at the link yet!

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I can’t watch Sacha Baron Cohen anymore. Everything after Borat just seems to fall flat
I can’t watch Nicolas Cage anymore. Nicolas Cage starring in Ghost Rider as Nicolas Cage… yeah, no. (I know this has been going on for awhile, just perhaps the first one it just clicked for me)
I can’t watch Val Kilmer except in Tombstone for the same reason as Nicolas Cage.
I can’t watch George Clooney for the same reason as the above two. And it doesn’t help that he AND Val Kilmer ruined batman for me whilst I was a child.
I can’t watch Will Ferrell – unless childhood fascination overrides it as in the case of the LEGO Movie – because he just doesn’t seem funny to me at all.
I usually can’t watch Tobey Maguire because he just seems too whiny and weak but Tobey Maguire did a solid Nick Carraway in Great Gatsby but frankly, I always felt that more… weak willed and emotional characters were something that Tobey excelled at.
I can’t watch Shia LaBeouf. Just can’t. Whenever he’s in a movie I watch, I always tune him out.

Usually, what whacko, idiotic, frightening actions an actor partakes in offscreen doesn’t influence what movies I will and will not see because I generally don’t give a shit, and I don’t think I would unless whatever they did affects me in some manner.

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I will avoid films with certain actors but won’t point blank refuse. However, I can’t watch Britain’s Got Talent because of one of the judges, Amanda Holden. She irritates the crap out of me!

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@Leanne1986 She pushed that daft golden buzzer on Saturday, putting that old dear through to the semi final, silly cow.
It grates on me when she cries all the time, control yourself woman!

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@ucme I feel your pain! My thoughts on Carol Vordeman are the same. Really wish she’s go away!

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@Leanne1986 I despise her laugh, it’s so bloody fake.

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Yep. we should stop now, just the thought of those two women make me a little bit angry!!

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Haha, imagine if either of them turned up on Stars in their Eyes, “tonight Matthew, i’m gonna be Barbara Streisand” :(

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Yes, I avoid any movie with the participation of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Rosie O’Donnell, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

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Fortunately he has not been in many successful movies (aside from Rio) but Tracy Morgan grates on my very last nerve. Just hearing his voice is enough to do it. The second I realized it was his voice in Rio, I just couldn’t watch anymore.

The way he speaks and many subjects upon which he speaks are the epitome of blatant ignorance.

Anyone who talks about stabbing his son if he’s gay and thinks this is appropriate for a comedy routine deserves not one iota of my time.

In fact, he should be certified as “too ignorant to reproduce”.

A lot of the previously mentioned folks like Cruise, Cage, Gibson Di Caprio, etc. all have a high annoyance factor in general but have, in the past, been in fantastic movies or turned in exceptional performances enough to redeem them.

Di Caprio was terrific in “This Boy’s Life” as well as “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and Gibson was memorable in Gallipoli and “The Year of Living Dangerously”. Of course, Linda Hunt stole the show, but the whole movie was great nonetheless.

But these were done before either was really “famous” to the degree they subsequently became. I guess fame really brings out the inner jerk of some people.

But Morgan still occupies top spot in my hall of infamy. He ruined Saturday Night Live for me for many years and I’ve never been able to bring myself to watch 30 Rock (even tho I’d likely enjoy it as a whole.) But Alec Baldwin also is such a pompous asshat that its now two strikes against it for me.

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I also liked Di Caprio in his early films.

With Mel Gibson, I think he has (or had) talent but I boycott his films because of his rampant hate speech.

While I don’t agree with Clint Eastwood’s politics, I think he is a good actor and a very good director and I have thought highly of many of his films.

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@ucme I’d leave the country!

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