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I thought that my mom or dad made the best ______ until I had it made by ______ Care to fill in the blank?

Asked by tedibear (17610points) April 13th, 2014

For me:

I thought that my mom made the best pie crust until I had it made by me.

I thought that my mom made the best potato salad until I had it made by my niece Dawn.

What are yours?

NB: If mom or dad wasn’t the main cook in your life when you were growing up, feel free to substitute whoever was.

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Nobody no chef has yet to make better spaghetti or lasagna or Chocolate Cherry cake than my mom and nobody has served me a salad and stead better than my dad did. Just ain’t possible and best part is I have their recipes!

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I (honestly) used to think my grandmother made the best turkey until I had turkey made by someone who could cook a turkey and preserve some juices. I did not know there was such a thing as moist turkey until I was an adult. I thought a tall glass of water was a must to choke down white meat and could not figure out why everyone looked forward to the a Thanksgiving bird.

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Scrambled eggs, Gordon Ramsay.
Actually, I lied. I always knew my parents could not cook for shit.

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I used to think my mom made the best character voices when reading me bedtime stories. Then when my niece and nephew got to the point where they could read to me… Their character voices are heart-warming.

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MY moms reubens until I had one from a local deli. Her lasagna is still the best though.

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@GloPro – Great answer! I love your interpretation of the question. :-)

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…sex tapes…grandma

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My mom made the best enchiladas until I made them.

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Tteokguk, Myself

Lies, Myself

Fights, Myself

Disciplinarian, 6th grade teacher taught me what true discipline was and got me to realize that my parent’s discipline was actually abuse.

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My mother is a terrible cook, but a fantastic baker.

I thought my mother made the best cakes until I had one made by HER mother.

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I thought that my mom made the best decision until I had it made by me…

I’m talking about the time when my mom wanted to brainwash me into thinking detective stories were bad for my personality development…

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I thought I didn’t even like pie crust, until I had an apple pie made by my mother-in-law. That woman knows what she’s doing!

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