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What flavour ice cream do you like best & has this changed since you were a kid?

Asked by ucme (45420points) April 14th, 2014

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved plain old vanilla, but that all changed when raspberry ripple took over…lick that ripple baby!

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Coffee. Or its variant: Jamocha Almond Fudge from Baskin-Robbins.

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I loved strawberry as a child. Now, I love butter pecan and Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

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I like mint flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks in it. This has never changed. Hmm, toothpaste flavored ice cream yo.

I’m actually otherwise not a fan of ice cream.

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Ice Cream is my favorite sweet. I’m not into the marble slab or the do it yourself topping places. My favorite as a kid was bubblegum (gross), then Rocky Road, then peanut butter and chocolate. Then the Oatmeal Cookie Ben n Jerry’s limited edition. After that came Hagen Daaz’s Caramel Cone. I am currently riding the salted caramel gelato wave. I’m sure it isn’t my last favorite. Yum.

There is a gelato place in San Fran that had bourbon butter pecan. I have dreamt of it since I had it that one time. It’s by the MOMA. One day I’ll make it back there.

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Vanilla with chocolate sauce. Hasn’t changed.

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Strawberry as a kid, now it is cherry cheesecake flavor.

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Strawberry Cheesecake is my fav. Though there is nary a flavor I would pass on.

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Chocolate, then, now, and forever.

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In honor of Abby Will Work for Chocolate, who left us, I will say Chocolate. Chocolate.

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Mint Chocolate Chip in a waffle cone. It has been the same since I had the first one with my grandma over 30 years ago.

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Cherry with cherry bits, always.

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When I was a kid, cookies and creme was my favourite, but now I prefer mint chocolate chip or vanilla bean. A scoop of mint is refreshing after dinner and vanilla is a versatile dessert option.

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I hate “things” in my ice cream. Ice cream should be smooth and creamy, not rocky and lumpy.

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There is no should. What are you, the authority on ice cream? :p

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I love chocolate ice cream and its many variations. It was the same as a child.

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My favorite is Jamoca Almond Fudge by Baskin Robbins. It hasn’t changed since I was a kid. At my birthday parties my mom would buy the typical Neapolitan ice cream (⅓ strawberry, ⅓ vanilla, and ⅓ chocolate) for all the other kids and coffee ice cream for me. It wasn’t the Jamoca Almond Fudge because she didn’t make the trip to that store, she went with convenience, but coffee ice cream is the base of it. I used to walk with my grandpa to the ice cream parlor when I visited my grandparents and that’s where I could get my favorite.

I also like mint chocolate chip, which hasn’t changed since childhood.

I developed a liking for cherry vanilla as I got older.

I rarely eat ice cream. Maybe 4–6 times a year. Not including Fudgesicles, which I eat in spurts throughout the summer.

Also, I never was a coffee drinker, but I love coffee ice cream and coffee flavor in cakes.

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My mom dips spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream into a cup of coffee.

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Vanilla as a kid. Now it’s Moose Tracks! Yummy

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Does anyone like Tiger Tiger? I hate black licorice but I like the Orange flavor.

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I like mint flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks in it.
I hated it as a kid and now it’s become #1!

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Pistachio, still the same.

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Use to be Rocky Road AND Orange Sherbet.
Now it is Mint Chocolate Chip AND Double Chocolate ( Fudge Swirl and Chocolate).

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I have always liked Chocolate Chip Mint the best.

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Any kind of flavour except durian and coconut.

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Maple Walnut. loved it as a kid too. It’s the only kind of ice cream I’ll ever buy and only occasionally. Once every few years, if that.

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My ice cream pleasures have always been the same. Vanilla, Chocolate, Sherbet, with a special affinity for Baskin Robins French Ice Cream Chocolate Fudge.

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Chocolate chip mint. Always liked it and I expect I always will.

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Coffee. But it has to be the Starbucks brand. All other coffee ice creams lack enough coffee flavor and are much too sickeningly over sweet. But Starbucks gets the balance just right.

Oddly enough, I totally hate the rest of their lineup. Their coffee is way over roasted and bitter.

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@Mimishu1995 Durian ice cream is delicious! Mmmm!

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I loved and still love strawberry ice cream, but now I really like Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and I’ve developed a taste for spumoni. Oh, hated coffee ice cream when I was a kid, but love it now.

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