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Why do people always write cash offers on a slip of paper in movies?

Asked by jballou (2113points) July 2nd, 2008

Do they do that in real life too? Is it because it’s rude to talk about money out loud?

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Keep the suspense up?

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I guess for the drama. I’ve never seen someone do that in real life, it’s kind of annoying though.

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They do it for two reasons:
1. To preserve the longevity of the film. With inflation you never know what the value of items will be 20 yrs from now. That way, if someone is given a offer of $1 million now and it seems like a lot, it could be pennies in 20 yrs so the context of the offer would be misread.

2. Like the above, it is also done to protect the context of the message. $1 million may be completely realistic for some viewers, but sooo far fetched for another. Keeping the offer hidden makes us all rely on the same visual or audio cues from the actors.

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Not only in movies, but in real life either :) I think there are things that are meant to be written and not told :S

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Gangsters do it when they are taking money for a dope deal or a contract hit etc. They do this in case someone is wearing a wire or the room is bugged they dont have whatever is written on the paper recorded on tape. The movies try and emulate that.

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They think that it looks cool. It actually a bad clique that has never been rectified.

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Do you mean cliché? Clique would be the in-group or gang of gangsters (or whatever their collective is called).

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