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Do you girls still do the "turkey neck" when you get angry?

Asked by Eggie (5620points) April 15th, 2014

I believe that you would know what I am talking about. I usually see very young girls ; whenever they get in an argument especially with a guy, they would move their necks like a turkey. Do you big women still do that?

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Who you callin’ big, Eggie?!
And no, I don’t.

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Could you please demonstrate what a turkey neck is?

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@ragingloli see it on youtube

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@ragingloli When some girls get really mad, they strike a pose, like hand on hip and moving neck in a circular motion before they go off. Called a cobra neck, too.

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Give it a few years and my waddle will speak for itself.

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@KNOWITALL Cobra neck sounds better. Also, snake fist kung fu is what I do.

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@Symbeline I think so, too!

I’m a big kung fu fan, I’ll have to check that out on

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Dude, if you want to watch a great kung fu movie, check out Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow with Jackie Chan. It’s from the 70’s, but those old movies seem closer to the real thing than stuff like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I dislike martial art movies where people run upside down in the sky for half an hour.

The Jackie Chan one is really great. He studies snake fist, but eventually, his kitty gets in a fight with a cobra, and as he observes his cat fight against the snake, he develops his own technique based on how his cat fights, and incorporates it with the snake style. I thought it was so amazing.

And it’s funny after that, whenever he uses his ’‘cat claw’’ style, you hear the sound of a screeching cat every time lol.

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@Symbeline I will! Saturdays we used to have Kung Fu Theatre with all the good old ones. Believe it or not, my Vietnamese friends are enthralled with the ‘running upside down in the sky’ ones…it makes me giggle.

On a side note, I have a permanent click in my jaw from a roundhouse on muddy ground.

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Well sure, the modern martial art flicks are fun, but I prefer the stuff that’s closer to what it actually looks like. I mean when I watch a movie about muay thai kickboxing, I sort of expect it to look like…muay thai kickboxing, not seven headed space hydra fist of the invisible star.

Also what, you got roundhoused to the face?

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@Symbeline I mean their traditional, all Vietnamese speaking kung-fu movies, they’re a lot like Hidden Tiger.

Yes, my friends practiced outside a lot and I was always hanging around watching but when a foot slipped in the mud, it didn’t go so well for me. Luckily it wasn’t hard enough to break my jaw.

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I love Jackie Chan! Never heard of that one. I MUST check it out.

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Sorry, @Eggie. What were you saying? Oh, yeah, turkey neck. I’m afraid arthritis prevents this old bird from doing any fancy neck tricks.

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@KNOWITALL Yeah…especially if they were professionals, you could have been severely hurt. Of course, if they were proffesionals they probably wouldn’t have accidentally hit you. XD

@Jonesn4burgers Definitely check it out, it’s an outstanding movie. I’m sort of a snake fist enthusiast, (I don’t practice it, not even sure they’re allowed to teach that here except maybe for the police or military) and I guarantee that if you like that particular style, you’ll get your fill with this movie. And Jackie is, of course, offering a great performance in both acting and action. The old actor who did the teacher is also great. (he was also awesome in Drunken Master which is also worth a watch)

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@Symbeline No, they were very well-off Vietnamese before coming to America, it was just their standard daily exercise basically. And he did slip in the mud, it wasn’t intentional or due to his lack of skill, they are, quite simply, badass.

I’ve been to many all-American tourney’s, too, but to my untrained eye, it’s not a comparison, two different thing’s. ;)

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@KNOWITALL Well yeah…professional or not, slipping in mud does happen lol. I said nothing. XD

So I heard that people who are very serious about martial arts and can be considered actual masters tend to think that organized tournaments and compettions are really…lacking. Apparently these don’t do justice to the fighting techniques, and some students of martial arts are appalled by the idea these give people about a martial art. I wonder how true that is.

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@Symbeline True. Watching bulky slow Americans after watching the beautiful fluid dance of a true martial artist is two completely different things. These guys are poetry in motion for realz. Unless they kick you in the

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Lol. XD But yeah, when I watch a video of a snake style student showing techniques by themselves, it actually looks a lot like dancing more than a martial art. I think it rocks lol.

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@Symbeline I just watched the weapons demo’s on ESPN, it was pretty cool!!!

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I think of the “turkey neck” as being somewhat ghetto.

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