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What's the deal behind the relationship between autism and finger length?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) July 2nd, 2008

well, ever since i knew i had Asperger Syndrome, i knew there was something with the index-ringfinger ratio, but up till now i’m not really sure how and what, for instance this is my hand, my ring is longer then my index, but don’t all people have that? is it a difference between men and women ? if anyone knows, i’d appreciate it, cheers!

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I don’t have an answer for you, but my ring finger is longer than my index finger too.

Just making sure you don’t feel strange about your finger lengths =P

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I don’t know. but I know someone with asperger’s, so I will look at his hands. Your link didn’t work for me. My ring finger is the same length as my index finger, BTW.

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ah, well, there it is again, well see, the thing is, i’ve had more people telling me that they have the same thing, although they’re not autistic…so yeah…what gives?

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Your hands are shaped like his. But I will have to look at the finger length to let you know for sure. I have never heard that there were physical characteristics to autisim

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well, i’m still not sure if my feminine side is fueled by the asperger, what i mean? stuff like this, and even though i’m not fat, i do have manboobs, etc. my first guess would be, too much estrogen, but then again, i’m no expert

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Here is the study citation.

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Thanks Marina! That’s pretty interesting.

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is this a Jerry Sienfeld bit?

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lol @ebeneezer

so what’s the deal with those asperger guys anyway ? you work with them, all they do is talk about the same things over and over, i mean, come on! they sit there, fiddling with their computers, i don’t even know how to switch it on!

slapped bass thing

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iwamoto- thanks

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I once heard the finger length thing determines if you’re gay or straight. I forget which finger means what.

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@tinyfaery Yes, that theory has been bruited about.

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My ring finger is much longer than my index finger, too! My pinky is a lot longer than yours, tho. The only noticable trait that really stuck out to me was how skinny your fingers are, and your knuckes were fat. My hands are much more squared, where as yours kinda taper off!

It must be hard to find a ring that comfortably fits your fingers!

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I’m aspie and my fingers seems to be normal.

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@bulba, i’ve never found a fitting ring, i should have a self adjusting one or something like that really

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@ iwamoto My SO is an Aspie, and his ring finger is longer!

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2D:4D ratio is often considered a biomarker for ASD.
Implicates neonatal testosterone levels.

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