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How often do you reach the 3 questions per day limit?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) April 15th, 2014

As of right now, I have reached Fluther’s 3 questions per day limit. That almost never happens to me. How often do you reach the daily limit? Does the limit cause inconvenience, or does it increase the quality of the site?

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Twice in over 4 years. I have no problem with the limit as it keeps mindless drivel from taking over the question categories.

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Rarely if ever. It never causes me any inconvenience.

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Yes it bothers me… My solution is to only ask the best questions here and I save the stupid or overflow questions on Answerbag.

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Sometimes, when I have too many to ask, or too bored, or in the mood to act stupid…

And me asking 3 questions a day isn’t very surprising, though I ask less these days.

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Never. It’s never been a problem for me.

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Never. Sorry Fluther.

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Never have in 4 years. I ask about one question every 4 months. If that.

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Never in 5.5 yrs.

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Never. I very rarely ask questions.

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I try to think of 3 random questions on slow question days. I put considerable effort and interest into the first, with graduated intelligence and interest towards the other 2. I don’t always post 3, but if I do I’ve been brainstorming.

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Never, I only occasionally ask questions.

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Lol, just about everyone on a question site telling us how they barely ever ask anything. :p

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@Symbeline Haha, I know, right? Lots of folks choose not to ask but are very happy to urinate over others questions #negativenancy #suckthelifeouttaya

I’ve not asked three in a day for a very, very long time & it doesn’t bother me in the least.
Three seems more than ample.

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Not even close. Keep in mind that there wasn’t a limit when the site started and it wasn’t pretty.

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I haven’t yet.

It seems really pointless to ask Qs simply for the sake of asking Qs.

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Never. A limit is a good idea. It limits a user’s ability to control the site.

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@Symbeline That revelation is very telling and is entirely ironic in a humorous way. Your comment made me laugh! Have a great day!

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Hardly ever. I honestly can’t imagine having three good questions worth asking here in a 24 hour period.

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@Cruiser @Symbeline I just checked my Answer to Question ratio and it is about 40:1. No wonder it feels like I don’t ask questions. I’ll bet others are the same way.

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120 questions, 13,684 answers.

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I challenge everyone that rarely asks a question to ask one this week.

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I just asked one!

dodged that bullet!

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^^^ I know! And a romantic one, to boot. You have a free pass for a long time.

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Almost never. I have a lot of questions but I’m afraid the answers will turn abusive.

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I asked 520 quesitons during the seven years and four months I have been hanging out here.

That’s about six questions a month.

However I have been a blabbermouth when it comes to answering.

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@LuckyGuy You are way ahead of the curve then. My ratio is 63:1

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Damn, I was winning, too.

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65.9:1 (I just ran my real numbers.)

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Maybe once or twice in six years. Sometimes I think we should have a two question limit!

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@janbb What would happen if they instituted an answer/comment limit?

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@Cruiser On some questions, with some people, I could get behind that. :-)

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I wonder what would happen if users automatically received some lurve for asking questions. Maybe 10 lurve per general question and 5 lurve per social and meta question (or any amount really). Would that propel some people to ask questions?

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While it get s moribund around here at times, I don’t believe in questions just for the sake of questions. It really is quality that counts.

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@PhiNotPi How about awarding Jellies lurve if they use words we have to look up? @janbb would be at 60,000 by now if you did. Things would still be ‘moribund’ but we could spend that time looking up words she uses. ;)

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@Cruiser Well, what else does a penguin on an iceberg have to do all day but read?

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@janbb Huh. And all this time I thought you were sitting on top of the world.

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@dxs Maybe it’s an iceberg, maybe it’s the world – all I know is that my ass is cold!

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