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How can I get OS X Finder to display ALL Finder windows with the same view every time?

Asked by madrogue (13points) July 12th, 2007
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Have you tried PathFinder?

My memory of finder foo is that you open the window, make it look the way you want, and close it right away, and it will stay that way. The only consistent view you can get is column view. Otherwise, I think you're out of luck.

If you take the PathFinder route, open the PathFinder preferences, and select the "Browser" pane. The first option should let you set what folder is the default, and right under that, you can select the view. PathFinder will be consistent henceforth, and give you the behavior you want.

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Finder > Preferences > General > New Finder windows open: (select). Plus check or uncheck open new windows in column view.

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So no way to have all windows display in List mode sorted by Kind? Only column view, eh?

I'll check out PathFinder. It looks like it might be the file browser I'm looking for.

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I thought you'd be able to choose "View > Show View Options" and select "All windows", but that doesn't appear to hold the settings across all windows (using 10.4.10). Strange.

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Great question. This is one of the many things that suck about the Finder. As far as I know, there's no way to get a List view to remain constant across all windows. You can adjust each folder's settings individually, though, and each folder should in theory remember its settings.

Pathfinder seems like the best Finder replacement, but I don't want to keep another app open all the time. I am hoping that Leopard's Finder will be better.

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The Finder windows (at least up to 10.4) have a very bizarre way of setting size/location – you need to slightly resize and then close. I always move them slightly just to be ‘safe’, and you can also move after a resize to set screen position.

This works for me in a primarily Column View mode, where I will navigate to the folder I want, then Apple-click (i.e. Command-click) the folder (which opens it in a new Finder window). All my previous folder-specific settings are maintained (icon/list/column view, size, placement on screen).

For window placement on-screen, just moving a window will not do the trick; but if you resize then move, the settings will stick for the new location.

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