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Should I text him?

Asked by laura98 (191points) April 16th, 2014

So I eventually said yes to my dad’s idea on asking the sexton at my church to tutor me. ( You can look at my other question to understand this concept) The first time he came over everything went great and I was actually able to learn a ton aside from drooling over how adorable and handsome he was.

He even stayed 45 minutes later than the time we had originally planned. Well he came over yesterday and after he finished tutoring me my dad asked us if we wanted to get some ice cream and despite my assumptions he actually said yes. I even told him that my dad and I go out for ice cream a lot ( which is true) and said that if he wanted I would text him occasionally if we were ever going to get some.

He said okay and we walked back to the car and eventually we brought him home. He lives two streets away from me and we happen to have a lot in common. Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling very lonely and down because I don’t have many friends and the ones that I do aren’t very nice.

I really want to just text him and just talk, but I’m nervous and afraid I will come off as creepy ( by the way I asked for his number to plan for our next tutoring session so we have talked once before about planning, however, it wasn’t a full conversation, strictly about tutoring.) I really just want a friend to watch star trek with and to play video games all day with. He lives so close it would be so easy to be friends with him, but I’m so afraid of rejection that I stop being myself and I never go for the things I want.

He is sort of awkward and very sweet, which is incredibly beautiful, but I almost feel as if he is too good for me. He’s extremely smart and sometimes I feel as though I don’t even deserve to talk with him. He’s only been over twice so I’m apprehensive about trying to text him after only such a short time. What should I do?

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Ace your math homework, for starters.

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Were you born in 98? That would make you around 16. That would also make you jailbait. If you care about him at all you will walk away. Any intimate relationship with him will destroy his life.

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Wait – how old is he?

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He’s 16. The same age as me.

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If that is the case go for it. Don’t be so down on yourself.

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I wouldn’t text him yet. You have a nice reason to get together regularly for the tutoring and you say he is kind of shy so I would let the friendship develop more slowly and naturally. You don’t want to scare him off.

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As a 16 year old boy that was just about as shy as you get I say go for it. I would still never know what Cherry Lip balm tastes like if the girl didn’t go in first.

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Keep going with the tutoring and let it happen naturally. I wouldn’t contact him except to text him to get together for another tutoring lesson. If the contact for tutoring leads to him asking how you how your day was it opens the door for more innocent chit chat.

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Why the rush?

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Don’t text him by surprise. Instead talk to him about it, see if he’s okay getting texts. Some people think texts are rest, others find them a bit too demanding.

Take your time, get to know him, and you may be getting a good friend.

Good luck!

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Have a try and you will know what will happen next. Thinking too much sometimes stops you from doing something wonderful. Good luck!

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Take it slow. You have time to get to know each other better. There will be opportunities to talk about things other than math. The last thing that you want to do is to make him nervous by coming on too strong. I would wait before suggesting texting one another.

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