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Skateboarders: How long did it take you to ollie up a curb with 99% accuracy?

Asked by johnpowell (14778points) April 16th, 2014

It took me about 2 months of hours everyday in a parking-lot to finally get it consistent (I was 10 years old at the time). I’m curious how others did.

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I know it took me less time.

That isn’t to say I was a better skater.

But let’s hear it for doing anything with curbs.

Sure, I did my share of skating ramps but to me street was much more of a pure expression.

The imagination, the inventiveness of skating things that weren’t designed for the purpose of skateboarding was a higher version of skating art.

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Skateboards for me means pavement, and pavement means pain, and pain means eventually something will break and it won’t be the board or the pavement. That is why I steer clear of skateboards.

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