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Should Fluther add a spell check to its question preview?

Asked by lindabrowne1 (329points) July 2nd, 2008

My daughter, now 25, told me when she was in high school that spelling didn’t matter to teachers. I was blown away because for me spelling is so important. To this day, she asks me now to edit her writings and check her spellings. Is spelling important anymore?

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i thinke speling iz superr imporntant

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Yes. To employers, to the world. Spelling is an indicator of education and, in a way, it is like clothing. It says that you took the time to dress your words properly.

There is a spell check in Fluther. One has to care enough to use it!

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Are you sure that there is a spell check in fluther. I thought it was only in your web browser, so depending on which one you have then you will get it or not.

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@waterskier2007 Actually, I just assumed (And you know what they say about that!) it was in Fluther. Perhaps it is Firefox. Can a more techno-savvy Flutherite chime in?

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@ Marina – Spell check isn’t a part of fluther yet. That’s a Firefox thing.

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Thanks, PnL. One more reason why I love Firefox.

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I wish there was a spell check since there is not.

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spelling is still important. and even though in this text message age we tend to speak a whole other language, knowing how to spell it the right way is still where most people make judgment calls on your intelligence. cu later.

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Your daughter didn’t go to school with my old English teachers then. I still can’t spell well at all, but they tried real hard to pound it into all my classmates.

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I use spell check on my browser of choice, Safari!

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It’s also a part of Mac OS X, so if you’re on OS X, you’re set.

Speeling is very important!

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We’ve been over this before . Welcome to Fluther.

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