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Is sex good for our health?

Asked by OsbornepumyCorkyie (13points) April 17th, 2014

With the growth of technologies have modified considerably the way of reaching new people.

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Ehhhh? I don’t understand your additional remark about growth of techologies…

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Sex is very good for ones health. I consider it essential to feeling loved and content with my life.

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Like everything…it depends. Sex with your commited partner or between single consenting adults….yes. In exchange for money, probably not. With someone elses wife or girlfriend then no.

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Studies show regular sex extends your life. That is unless you catch some deadly disease doing it. HIV, hepititis, untreated syphilis, cervical cancer, not good. I have my doubts that sex is so important. I think we can get the benefits of sex in other ways.

I don’t understand your supporting information either.

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I find that having an orgasm is an effective way to get rid of a headache. Orgasms and sex don’t necessarily go together, though, especially if you’re a woman.

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I reported this as spam. something about this poster and question smells.

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@cazzie We know that already. We just don’t have enough evidence…

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Oxytocin gets released through human contact, more so through sex. This has positive effects on bonding, stress levels, anxiety, depression, social disorders, etc.

And… sex is fun.

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Depends. Is the jealous husband armed?

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Sex helps prevent prostate cancer, or so I have read. source
Anyway, it’s a good bartering chip.

(excuse me, ma’am. Can I get 5 minutes of your time to help me not get cancer?)

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Definetly it is a healthy way for couples to bond emotionally.

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I’m confused by the question. Who other than some religious idiot is going to argue otherwise? Maybe this is one of those “safe” sex questions.

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@filmfann I tried that one, it actually worked.
I can’t connect the technology part to the question but yes sex is very good for your health.
Due to technology it’s probably the sex toys that can make sex even better or worse when it’s bordering perversion.

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Yeah, of course it is, it helps you bond with your mate and as such extends your life.

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Hmm… @cazzie U think that has something to do with it?

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It is chemistry.

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