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Why will my webcam fail to update successfully? How to Troubleshoot?

Asked by marcussherman70 (2points) April 17th, 2014

My webcam driver can’t update automatically. I keep receiving a dialog box read you Windows failed to update the device successfully. And then I have to suffer from a series of troubles. I hardly start a live video and share photos with my friends. How can I do to fix the webcam driver issue.

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There could be any number of reasons. One obvious thing to check is whether you are logged in as a user who has less than administrator rights. In a lot of cases, drivers have to be installed as Administrators, and when the download tries to change the Device drivers, it lacks permission.

Is this your PC? Does it belong to a company or to a school? Both of those might be restricting you from installing things.

More information is required.

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