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At what distance are dishwasher sound levels (db) measured?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34609points) April 17th, 2014

I have a sound pressure level meter (db meter) and can measure my dishwasher easily. I would call my old dishwasher “very noisy”. It is loud enough to interfere with the radio and speech. At 3 meters, 10 ft I get
40–42 db during fill (quiet)
62–66 db during wash. (very noisy)
39–41 db during pump out. (quiet)
But these levels obviously depend upon the distance. In another room I can’t hear it at all.

I can’t find any specifications that detail how current dishwashers are measured. What cycle? What distance? Are they reporting the average or the peak?
Reporting a spec in db without listing the distance is like saying “My car only uses a liter of gasoline on a typical trip to the grocery store.” We need to know the distance to make the number meaningful.
So how do they measure it?
If I am in another room the
60 know 40 to 50db is very quiet. and 47 to 55 is ”,

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