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Is it likely that one could develop an allergy to laundry detergent in a week or less? Or to a soap in just a few months?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) April 18th, 2014

All of a sudden this week I started feeling itchy on my back, then my right arm (which has developed a small rough patch about the size of a fingertip), a little on my neck, my stomach (another rough patch slightly bigger than the one on my arm) and a lot on my chest and abdomen (a third rough patch, larger but still quite small). I even have small bumps in a few places that you can’t really see but I can feel. I have unconsciously scratched enough to cause rashes.

The only thing I’ve changed is that I started using the body wash from Christmas (one of those seasonal scents from Bath and Body Works) again… same one, not a new one. I’ve been using the same detergent for years, and always do an extra rinse cycle. I haven’t eaten anything different. I thought it was dry skin because I have been lax about lotioning after my shower but the day it started was the first day I lotioned again… and I use Gold Bond coQ10, not a heavily perfumed thing.

I also thought maybe I picked up fleas from the spay/neuter clinic on Monday… but my other cats, the cat that was operated on, and my husband are all itch-free. I can’t think of a single change that I’ve made that I could be allergic to.

Any thoughts on this sudden itchiness and the few patches of dry skin that are still dry even after putting lotion on?

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