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Helping PMS pain?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) April 18th, 2014

My friend has really bad PMS stomach pains the first day of her cycle, and I feel bad for her because she can’t get birth control pills to help with her pains.
I’m wondering if anyone here has any suggestions I can give her to help with the pain on the days she can’t just lay in bed and sleep it off.
Asperin doesn’t help, ether. It seems that just being in pain is her only option, and because I’m a dude, I have no idea what it’s like or how to help. I just feel so bad for her.

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Ibuprofen, warm baths, a heating pad and or a hot water bottle will all help ease her pain. Ideally, prior to her next cycle she’d begin taking ibuprofen 3–4 days prior to beginning menstruation.

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Fish oil sometimes eases the symptoms, but she has to be on it for a few months before it helps. And no guarantees that it helps. Chocolate is also supposed to help.

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Any cheers for being a guy willing to help a woman with this. So many guys go eww and flee. It’s nature. Anything we can do to help is a plus.

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I have the same issue and because of a bad back I had been prescribed a muscle relaxer and the .05mg of the Flexeral and I found it not only helped my back but took away all my cramps. So when I have those really bad months where I can’t handle the pain of it I take one and they are either mostly or totally gone shortly after. Wish they told me that would work years before because for years I would suffer monthly with doubled over pain from them.

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Ibuprofen is the way to go, it actually counteracts the prostaglandins that cause period pain, making it more effective than something like aspirin.
Some women have pain that no OTC medicine or home remedy will help, it’s not necessarily normal, but it’s common. If the pain is so bad that she can’t go to school (or work) or if she has trouble just living a normal life because of it, her doctor should know that. Pain is subjective, but period pain that is bad enough to “take away” whole days should be investigated.

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When I was a teen and had horrible cramps, ibuprofen was still by prescription only, and it was prescribed a lot for relief of menstrual cramps. She may need to take more than 200–400mg, though – so she should talk about it with a doctor or at least a pharmacist. Some of the prescription doses were 800mg or more. Applying heat to the lower abdomen and elevating her legs might also help a bit.

Why can’t she get oral birth control pills?

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My wife said hot water bottles on her abdomen were the best non medicine remedy she had at her disposal back then.

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A B Multivitamin. Vitamin E. A heating pad/hot water bottle. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks.

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I’m going to say Ibuprofen also. Magical pills. Take 600 mg (3 Advil) with a little food and plenty of water. Ibuprofen can irritate the stomach lining, but if she takes it with some food she should have no problems. It takes about 50 minutes for the drug to kick in, so on her first day when she is in the most discomfort she should take the drug the first sign of cramps, and then every six hours. If she waits for the pain to come back before popping her next dose, then she will have to wait the 50 minutes again to get relief.

If pain is her only major complaint I recommend just the Ibuprofen, don’t take one of those multi PMS period pills that treat multiple symptoms.

By the way she doesn’t have PMS if it is pain her first day. PMS means pre-menstrual. She has first day menstrual pain. Very common.

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A hot water bag helps to relieve discomfort. Adequate rest can also be helpful. Avoid red meat and caffeine. This condition is quite common between the ages of 15 and 25. For many women, the discomfort begins to fade as they reach their late twenties or early thirties.

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I’ve experienced really horrible pain for the last year during each cycle leaving me to depend on massive amounts of Advil (great for cramps, really bad for the liver). I started taking Magnesium and it’s nearly eliminated the pain. Now my liver (and uterus) loves me again.

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I second the magnesium suggestion. And zinc. I forgot to mention those.

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