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Has anyone taken their kid to work on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day?

Asked by fluthernutter (6333points) April 18th, 2014 from iPhone

Apparently every fourth Thursday in April is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.
(This year it falls on April 24, 2014.)

The program is recommended for ages 8–18. My daughter is still a bit young. But I’m interested to hear if anyone has had any personal experience with this.

Did your parents take you?
What did you get from the experience?
Did you take your own kids?
What did they have to say about their experience?

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I did (many times) and it really helped form my boys’ interest in science and engineering. They were able to see and play with all kinds of test equipment, engines, environmental test chambers, wind tunnel, etc.
They got a much better understanding of the engineering world. The lessons stuck.

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The company I worked for supported the event. Parents had to sign up their child for it. Several spent the day in our dept. (developing and delivering training to hotel employees). Our team designed a day-in-the life experience that would give them insight about what we do.

Unfortunately, other depts. just had the children do tasks like file, or worse yet, just observe someone at work.

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Our daughter and sons went to the school where I and their father/step-father worked. Every day was Take-Your-Kids-to-Work-Day. They said that by and large, they enjoyed having us around but that occasionally we had access to too much information about them and were underfoot.

Personally, I loved it. My then husband was much more detached.

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“Apparently every fourth Thursday of the year is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.
(This year it falls on April 24, 2015.)”

Hm, well the fourth Thursday of the year is far before April, and April of 2015 is not this year.

Anywho, I recall going to Being Your Kids to Work Day with my mom a few times in the 90’s. She worked in the office at a factory in Chicago. I remember wearing a hard hat, taking a tour of the factory, and sitting in my mom’s office while she worked. It was fairly cool, but got boring fast. The most exciting part was getting to take home office supplies to play with at home.

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At different times we ran two home businesses, and part of the reason was to give our children the chance to work in a real job. As a result they all have excellent work ethics and they understand customer service.

In those jobs every day was take your kid to work day.

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I took both my neices and they had a blast, we scheduled time with people so they could watch and see what parents did for work we also had crafts going on throughout the day so the kids time could vary with different parents and finally at the end of day the kids had a craft fair and sold the crafts with the proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House for Kids. It made for a great time for the kids.

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I have taken both my sons to work on those days. My oldest can’t wait for me to retire so he can take over. My work is fraught with peril and not something I am comfortable having youngins hanging out at….driving the forklifts is a thrill but there are chemicals that one has to respect and my work is not a playground by any means.

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I don’t have kids and I think take your daughter to work day started after I was a kid. I did go to work with my mom or dad once in a blue moon though. In many places I have worked people brought their children to work on take your child to work day and I think it was just fine. I worked in retail most of my career and they would come to the store. Since children are in our store anyway it isn’t that big of a deal.

I would hope even without this “holiday” children get to see where their parents work once in a while.

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We are not able to bring our children to work to follow us around for the day due to the nature of our work/work environment. I went to work once with my mom when I was little. It was nice, but I really don’t remember much of what she was actually doing while I was there.

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We aren’t allowed to bring our kids to work. Something about risk management and insurance. And I work at a school!

My dad worked in a steel mill. Not a good place for a kid. Mom was a stay-at-home mom, so no, I didn’t get taken to work, ever.

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