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What's fun to do in Salt Lake City?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) November 10th, 2006
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well, it's not exactly "fun" but go visit the mormon tabernacle and take the tour--it's pretty interesting.
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also, speaking of fun, be aware that all the beer in utah is "near beer" and is only 3% alcohol--so you can go broke trying to get drunk there! :)
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if you have time, it's definitely worth a drive out to bryce canyon or arches national park. Amaaazing hiking.
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Go watch the University of Utah Utes beat the BYU Cougars on Nov. 25th!
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There are beautiful canyons and stuff around. Temple square is cool to hang around. You can see where the tabernacle choir sings, and you can see the outside of the temple, and there are plenty of missionaries to chat with (a big draw for me).
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If time go up Big Cottonwood Canyon east/southeast of town to ski areas. I believe you can ride a gondola even without ski gear to the top of the mountain, see forever and have a meal or drink.
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The canyons are awesome. Especially in the winter. There is also the only man made item that's viewable from space. The Bingham copper pit is awesome.

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Isnt the Great Wall of China man made?

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@cornman yes, but it’s not in Utah. I’m sure of it. ;-)

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